7+ Refined Watercolor Tulips Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

We’ve all seen those lovely photos of babies celebrating their first birthdays by smashing their own cakes and crashing it into finger foods, often known as “cake smashing.” This small touch is what makes a memory remain, and the same thing can be done for the invitation card design used at your celebration. If you’re seeking for a different approach to express yourself rather than spending money on traditional design, I’ve found a great source of inspiration and turned it into these six lovely Vintage Floral renditions.


7+ Refined Watercolor Tulips Birthday Invitation Templates


Vintage isn’t only about the “retro-ish” aesthetic, which involves the employment of a Vintage frame border and a sophisticated text-divider. So, what qualifies today’s design as “Vintage”? Actually, it doesn’t appear to be vintage, but closer inspection of the “flower decorations” will remind you of a classic 80’s wedding invitation card, which was mostly painted by hand and made extensive use of canvas and gold to fuse the two (Vintage and Modern), resulting in a stunning piece of art.







7+ Refined Watercolor Tulips Birthday Invitation Templates


Geometric text frame right at the center wasn’t just there for decorating your card, but it also works as the place of your wording information. To give a little bit of authenticity for Vintage style, you will get matching Font or typefaces, it looks so neat and elegant at the same time. Since our templates also editable even with Ms. Word, you can replace those fonts with your own styles.

How to Download

If you’re ready to keep it as yours, you may need these following simple instructions,

  • Right-Click each one of your selection.
  • Then Select “Save Image As”, locate the destination folder.
  • Click “Save” or tap “Enter” to start the download process.
  • Prepare the apps, such as Adobe Photoshop or Ms. Word, then you can open the file with one of those apps.

How to customize it

  • You’ll need any third-party apps, to be able to customize our template
  • For Advanced User: Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw
  • For Beginner: Paint/Paint 3d, or Online Image/Photo Editor

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