7+ Pajama Party Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Is your little one hosting their first slumber/pajama party? Or, maybe you have a child who’s looking to mix things up the next time their friends stay up until midnight, giggling over anything? Either way, we all have experienced this and you should have granted him/her permission to invite their friends for a fun sleepover activities and celebrating your kid’s birthday.

Read on to discover 7+ invitation ideas that keep kids happy and engaged until it’s time to (hopefully!) go to sleep.



          This invitation templates have a pretty unique yet adorable concept to resemble all stuff that needs to be in pajama party. As shown in the preview, the invitation has been decorated with a nice touch of gingham pattern which is decorated its background design and some other knick-knacks, such as cute cartoon illustrations of Pillow, Party garland, star poppers, teddy bear doll as well as figures of kids in cute pajama. In addition, I also created a pretty large space to accommodate all the details of your party, like Where, When, What and so on.


7+ Pajama Party Birthday Invitation Templates with cute children in pajama



7+ Pajama Party Birthday Invitation Templates


7+ Pajama Party Birthday Invitation Templates with adorable bird is holding the baby



7+ Pajama Party Birthday Invitation Templates with cute baby is sleeping in pajama on a moon


These following templates will have six different option, and you can either pick one of them or grab them all and it’s absolutely free for you! Now you’ve the template design for your party invitation, then you could jump onto another steps. Yup! You definitely want to have it, right? Well, you can follow this guide below,

  • Choose your favorite design.
  • Right Click the template – Select “Save Image As”.
  • Locate the download folder and Tap “Enter” to start the download process.
  • It doesn’t take long to finish the download process. Once the download is finished, please open it with Ms. Word or Adobe photoshop to check everything is okay.

After the download process is finished, then, there isn’t much thing to do. You can find a bit of information about which printing paper/material are you going to use, such as Standard, Cardstock and Kraft paper. Each of them has its own character, but the most commonly used is card-stock paper.

Stars are doodled across the navy blue background, with your details written in playful fonts. Fully customizable with any of our colors and fonts, these cards are the perfect way to make your child’s party out of this world.


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