7+ Mulan Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          With its widely known success, Mulan has been coming back once more in 2020, in form of Live action film. Actually, it was much better than expected. Very colorful movie, with many funny parts, great songs and beautiful scenes. I loved how they portrayed Lie Yifei as Mulan which has brightly image of strong and independent woman.

          At one point, I thought it would be good for me if I did make another ones for you. What is your opinion? Do you think it’s good for kids’ birthday this year? I think so and it would be honor for me if you take your time for a while to see this and maybe it’s going to be great to be your party invitation.


8+ Mulan Birthday Invitation Templates with beautiful Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree


          Since I dealt with Mulan and its known beautiful set, I bring this 7+ Disney Mulan birthday invitation for you, with gorgeous scenery of, or kind of, Mulan in vast greenery, sitting under the shade of Sakura tree. I put the original text box sign as the place for you to be able to write your own wording or rhyme word. Wording? Yeah, that’s right. It may look or sounds cringe at first, but trust me, this tiny detail will help transform the whole design even better.


8+ Mulan Birthday Invitation Templates with beautiful watercolor background of Sakura Tree


8+ Mulan Birthday Invitation Templates


8+ Mulan Birthday Invitation Templates with


8+ Mulan Birthday Invitation Templates with Mulan in Empress Dress


8+ Mulan Birthday Invitation Templates with Mulan is riding horse



          Okay, now we are at the last part why you need this for your Mulan birthday party. This template has been included many illustrations of Mulan, from she’s reading a letter to she’s on fun horse ride.

Have you made up your choice?

          If you already had something in your mind, then the next step would be downloading our template to your device. To download our template, isn’t that hard, by the way, you just need to “Right-Click” each one of your selection, and Select “Save Image As” and tap “Enter” to start. Once the download is finished, you can open the file through third-party apps, such Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Paint or even using Online Image/Photo Editor.

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