7+ Fun Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages






One or two? What if you could double the fun? with our collection and take it all with you? Sounds fun, isn’t it?

          Color on in and you shall pick, this super awesome invitations, which is going to win everyone’s heart! Decorated with such cute and yet colorful illustrations made into seven different template designs. Those illustrations weren’t just as simple as I may seem, in other hand, all of them adorable from any directions. The hand drawn illustrations were inspired by my two years old daughter’s drawing book, she draws bunch of things, such as balloons (obviously), paint splatter and much more. Are you sure you want to skip this one? You’ll definitely have to try to beat!


7+ Fun Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages with pale yellow background


          There are plenty more of things here that you can elaborate them into whole new level. You can utilize your artsy-sense by writing your text in such fun way like I did. As you can see, there is a preview image (template) that has my written sample in there. You can take that as a guide. It’s easy for you to do that considering how easy it was to find bunch of cute fonts on Internet, just type “Cute kid’s hand drawn font” in the search box and boom! There will be over ten million results that’s waiting for you.


7+ Fun Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages with colorful balloon decorations


7+ Fun Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages


7+ Fun Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages with colorful paint splatter


7+ Fun Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages with portrait orientation




Download Instruction

  1. Right-Click each one of your selection
  2. Then select “Save Image As”, locate where you want the file to be saved in your device.
  3. Click “Save”, or tap “Enter”, and the download process will start shortly
  4. To open the file, you’re going to need to open it on some editing apps, like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Paint, or even using Online Image/Photo Editor.


  • Before you get into the last step which is the printing session, I’d recommend you to find some information related to how to buy perfect material (Paper) for your occasion.
  • If you are here solely to find a way to save your money, then this process of finding material is a great way to help you secure your bank.
  • Mostly, people are using either “Card-stock” or “Cotton” paper, but it comes with another problem, yup! It’s relatively more expensive compared to other ones.
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