7+ Floral Frame Marble Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

 Each day is a gift, and yet other stories will remain opens, and the best way to capture one of our beautiful moment would be “Celebration”. Yeah, that’s right! Celebrations are part of our history, for example, Bridal Shower, such a celebration which held by the bridesmaids for bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. Hosting Bridal Shower Party isn’t that hard, by the way. Especially in designing part invitations.

          To get started in making / crafting your own party invitations, you will need to choose and pick lots of references or maybe, if you want something that a bit easier, then you may or should use “Template”, instead of wasting your precious time. Do you want to see an example of it? Okay, I’ve got a good design, by the way, please go check them out below.




7+ Floral Frame Marble Birthday Invitation Templates





          How do you feel for this one? It looks so sleek and elegant, doesn’t it? Absolutely! Trust me, this template design will attract your guest’s attention for sure. Big shout out to one of my loyal audience, by the way, she really helped me in making today’s design. This template offers delicate design and structure. Like Beautiful Roses in six different types and colors, Wooden-style background and last but not least, Text-Box to accommodate your party information.

          In addition, as one of your job now is done, and you only need to do a little adjustment and personalization on it, then print them out on designated paper, like Card-stock or Linen paper. For additional information, you should read the entire article, and see our useful information or tips at the end. So, stay tuned!

How to Download the File

  • You can either left-click directly to the preview or right-click each image you think it’s great.
  • Because it will be showing the same result, in which you need to “right-click” once more, then select “Save image as”.
  • Wait for a second, locate the destination folder.
  • Then tap “Enter” key, and the download process will begin shortly.

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