7+ Elegant Gold Confetti Princess Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

You can take a look at our favorite ideas from cute theme to elegant theme that will amaze your guests. Get our numerous set of templates for completely free. If you don’t have an idea about the theme that you are going to use? How about showering your precious princess and invite all your loved ones with these Gold Confetti Princess invitations? Let’s find how cute it is and how easy to make your invitation card for free.



          Since there are seven different models, it means you will get a better chance to choose which is better in overall and also freely decide which one you are going to use. My favorite was the template with cute Princess’s Tiara and decorated with Gold – Rose Gold balloons. How about you? Please a comment down below, so I could see and know what is your favorite one.

It’s a kind of simple design, which perfect for these days’ event, when people or parent loved to pick Modern and Elegant element for their kid’s birthday. I did make a couple of sketch, started from the base of the card which has pink colored background and added some good contrast to match with the white layer of the text box. .


7+ Elegant Gold Confetti Princess Birthday Invitation Templates







How to Download

  • Fist thing first, you need to do “left-click” on each one of your selection.
  • A new page should be showing up by now, then do “right-click”.
  • Select “save image as”, locate where you want the file to be saved in your device (Laptop or Smartphone).
  • If you done with that, then you can tap “Enter” key or click “Save” to start the download process.

How to Open the file

  • Open the file with Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop or you can visit this link (This link will lead you to our own Online Image Editor). It’s easier for beginner to deal with, and also had plenty of useful tools that’s more than enough for just simple editing.
  • Last but not least, print the template on 5×7” printing paper (Cardstock, Kraft, Cotton, etc.).


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