7+ Cute Pink Swirl Vanellope Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Many friends of mine really love planning their birthday parties with me each year we have spent, for almost 15 years already. It’s become our unique sort of ritual or tradition to sit down, talk about their ideas and that’s why I create another cool design for them and share it with you pals!

Today, you have a good opportunity to see one of the adorable characters from Ralph Break the Internet; Vanellope. Please take a look these and give it a try (XD).



 This birthday party invitation kits are free for everyone, for everyone with decent hours in editing or a completely beginner like you, mom. The only word I could possibly get and kind of representing this collection is BEAUTIFUL! The charming and bubbly Vanellope already has her charms adorning everyone who sees it.




4 Fun Things to Do at the party

Musical Chairs

Simply things even further by removing the chairs and play musical bobs (bob down when the music stops, slowest person to hit the ground is out) or musical statues (freeze in position when the music stops, anyone still moving is out) instead.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pop a donkey poster up on the wall (you can order one like this online), blindfold players one at a time and spin each one in a circle a few times before letting them try to stick the donkey tail as close as possible to its rump!

Egg Toss

Unless you are very brave, hard boil the eggs beforehand (though I must admit, it’s much funnier if your eggs aren’t boiled – especially for tweens and teens), you’ll need one egg per pair.





7+ Cute Pink Swirl Vanellope Birthday Invitation Templates


How to Download

  • Right-Click your selection.
  • Select “Save Image As”.
  • Locate the destination folder, or for easy-to-access, you can put them on your desktop, or just leave it as it is.
  • Click “Save”, and the download process will take few seconds or less depending on how fast your internet access is.
  • Open the file through Microsoft Word or Paint (Beginner), or Adobe Photoshop (Advanced).

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