7+ Blush Watercolor Brushstroke Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          This template comes in portrait orientation, gorgeous Memphis inspired background, to give a classy yet neutral looks. Besides that, and I’ve mentioned it in above, today’s template is decorated with bunch of gorgeous Eucalyptus. Those have been painted using watercolor brush in Adobe Photoshop, even better than that, considering there are seven of them, you can do mix-matching with your own personal preferences.

          Besides those awesome features, I’ve this collection customizable with ease, even for beginner. You can do all the customization at home after work, maybe with a little help from your husband or sister could double the fun and speed.


7+ Blush Watercolor Birthday Invitation Templates








 Freely choose your most favorite design. The additional “Green Foliage” or “Greenery” concept, a kind of typical Tropical Leaves, like you might have already seen it before, maybe when you’re looking for some “Wallpaper” for your photo, like in Pinterest, or Google. And it’s proven to be popular in wedding and birthday party stationery.

How to Download

  1. Right-Click each one of your selection, select “Save Image As”
  2. Locate the folder, or just leave it as it is
  3. Click “Save”, or tap “Enter” to start the download process

Choosing the perfect printing material (Paper)

When it comes to wedding stationery, there are two basic paper weights:

  • Text paper: This paper is the same paper like the one that you’ve already used it for so long, yup! When you did your homework, you basically use this “text paper” though.
  • Cardstock paper: This paper will remind you of a postcard or a business card (sturdy, doesn’t bent easily like the other type of paper). The best one, for me.

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