7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday & Baby Shower Invitation Templates






          While most brides and grooms love lush shades of green that comes from Eucalyptus, Pampas, Monstera and Philodendron, some of them wanted something more from it. Subtle, aesthetic and romantic as if it’s derived from vintage-style.

          Rose is a great pillars for flower arrangements, and yet brighten up some elements even more. What’s that? This beautiful floral became one of the most wanted option for enhancing spaces in wedding and birthday party invitation suites. Beyond that, explore more about the Rose-themed invites and how easy it is for beginner to personalize it, in fun details below.


7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with burgundy rose


          This is the perfect enhancer for everyone who find there’s still something missing for their party. A rustic-inspired collection, with mixed of flower decorations (Rose) in subtle-toned, alongside beautifully designed background.


7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with beautiful red tulip


          Those elements were also decked and surrounded by other elements such as beautiful watercolor painting that sits on the back that’s also matching with the overall color scheme. I’m not going to lie about this, if you consider this as your future invitation card, you are able to minimize your production cost, it could be more than 30% will be saved and you could spend it to other stuff.


7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with blush watercolor floral


7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday Invitation Templates


7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with romantic red roses


7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with sparkling glitter gold frame


7+ Blossoming Rose Floral Birthday Invitation Templates with


With these, now you don’t have to worry about making your guest feel unpleasant because of your party invitation card design. If you are keen to pick these, I think we are all agreed that we can’t get over these gorgeous Rose themed birthday invitation – with the most beautiful shades of blush and peach. So dreamy.

Download Instruction

  • Choose your favorite design, then Right-Click the template
  • Select “Save Image As”, Locate where the file will be saved in your device.
  • After that, hit “Enter” or click “Save”, and the download process will start automatically in a few seconds.
  • After the download has finished, check the file by opening it using either Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word or Paint (Only available in Windows).
  • For printing materials, I’d say it’s good for you to either pick cardstock or cotton paper as your invitation card materials. Those papers are widely used type of paper for formal occasions, from birthday to wedding.
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