7+ Alluring Floral Sakura Sweet 16th Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Have you ever considered if elaborated invitation cards could persuade more guests to attend? Rather than just inviting them via Instagram or Twitter’s Private Message. No, please don’t. I’d advise you to avoid those stuff; it’d be nicer if you could create it yourself and deliver it to your guests. That is true, whether the event is formal or informal, and even if it takes place in your own garden.

Do you want to see how things ought to be done?



If that’s the case, I’ll show you how it’s done. This template is well-suited to your requirements. First and foremost, this template combines a lovely Fancy Floral concept with a modern design, such as Asymmetric Style Text-Frame.

This combination was taking over the list of 2022’s best party invitation card, and yet, this item demands still high though. As I have mentioned it in above, you will get six different options, right? Okay, and now you will get six different paintings, from gorgeous Calla Lilies with Watercolor style painting, to the magnificent Peonies, with Geometric Style Text-Frame.



7+ Alluring Floral Sakura Sweet 16th Birthday Invitation Templates



7+ Alluring Floral Sakura Sweet 16th Birthday Invitation Templates




How to Download

If you’re ready to keep it as yours, you may need these following simple instructions,

  • Right-Click each one of your selection.
  • Then Select “Save Image As”, locate the destination folder.
  • Click “Save” or tap “Enter” to start the download process.
  • Prepare the apps, such as Adobe Photoshop or Ms. Word, then you can open the file with one of those apps.

After you have done with the customization, get ready to print your invitation template. You don’t need to worry about getting a blurry image, because our template was designed in High Resolution and JPG Format – so you can do much everything in this alluring invites.

Printing material comes in various types of colors, textures, and also thicknesses. For this type of occasion, you can either use card-stock paper or Linen or Kraft paper, because they are commonly used for wedding invitation card. It’s easy to get them at your nearby local shop.

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