7+ Adorable Fairy Tale Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Both formal and informal birthday invitation are usual way that people in these days still use it to announce their special day to their loved ones. it’s not always for sacred event like wedding, but also applies to birthday and baby shower party. However, if someone is looking for invitation wording for a specific type of events, then brainstorming is required and among all funny birthday invitation card design, it can be tricky attempt for beginner. If no ideas are hitting your mind, check our collection of adorable Fairy tale themed invitation for kid’s birthday party.


7+ Adorable Fairytale Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has rustic background


To all my foody friends, it’s better for you to prepare some snacks, put it next to you and let’s enjoy what is in today’s article. See below.

Nowadays, everything has become easier than before, you can directly use this template collection, insert your text and directly hand it to your guests. This template is surely able to impress everyone who is watching or reading it.

The template has unique watercolor concept, which makes everything displayed in such stunning way. Watercolor fairies will be decorating the card, not just the card, but they were placed next to the picture frame, so? Yep! Your baby/kid’s photo will have those cute fairies accompanied it. Aside from that, the cute fairies also surrounded by stunning view of clouds and field of mushroom.


7+ Adorable Fairytale Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has watercolor mermaid



7+ Adorable Fairytale Baby Shower Invitation Templates and has watercolor fairies



7+ Adorable Fairytale Baby Shower Invitation Templates


Download Information

  • Left-click your selection then waits till you see a new tab pop up on your display.
  • Right-click the image or template, select Save image as > Locate the folder.
  • Tap Enter to start the download process or you can just click the Save
  • Once it’s finished, you have to check the file by opening it with some sort of editing apps (See below).

How to open the file

  • There is no limitation in term of what kind of apps you are going to use, even the basic Microsoft Word (2007 or later) is more than enough to do the simple customization.
  • Alternative apps: Adobe Photoshop, Ms. Paint (Free) and Corel Draw.
  • Printing paper: Cardstock, Kraft, Velum, and Cotton. (Choose one)
  • For the best recommendation to go for, I’d say it’s Cardstock paper, the value is much better than the other type of paper that you’d see it in stationery shop.


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