7+ Adorable Boss Baby Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Make way for the boss!! Gift your child a memorable birthday with this boss baby theme. Discover and get free printable Boss Baby invitation templates here in our site.

Birthdays aren’t just a time for presents, parties, and birthday cake. Every year, birthdays offer an opportunity to give thanks for another year of life and to celebrate another milestone. They also provide a chance to show love to family and friends by sharing heartfelt celebration. And this Boss Baby seems quite promising for that.



This card will do the magic for you, I could promise for that. Since this card came in beautiful and unique design, such as stunning blue and white stripe as shown in its background design. Asides from that, you also get my favorite, cool poses of Boss baby. There will be many of Boss baby cute illustrations, along with cutout where you can place your kid’s photo to the card and it would be cool, though, since it will be sitting next to your party information. You can edit the template in Adobe Photoshop, if you had a pretty good experience or extensive hours of editing. If you don’t have that skills, you can go for a simple one, like using Microsoft Word.




7+ Adorable Boss Baby Birthday Invitation Templates





  1. How to Download the template

Okay, now one of your job is done, and what’s next? I’d like to suggest you to download your favorite template (Right-Click, Save Image As, Enter), first. 😂😋 Then you can customize the template to match your personal taste and add all the required details.

  1. How to Customize/Edit the template

Best editing apps for this occasion are either use Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Draw. If you haven’t had enough experience in editing, you can simply edit the template through “not-specifically-made” apps for editing, like Microsoft Word, this app is good enough for beginner, and it’s capable to deal with simple task.

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