11+ Spooky Ghostbuster Kids Birthday Invitation Templates






          Last month, we came up with an awesome Avengers birthday party ideas, what do we have for you today? We are going to talk about the adventure of 3 parapsychology who get fired from their job and start their ghost trapping service. Do you know what that it? Yeaaah, buddy!!! It’s a super awesome Ghostbuster birthday party, and we also have made invitations for you.

Don’t miss a single paranormal detail in these!



          The green gooey, Slimer, and the puffy Stay Puft Marshmallow have also been brought here to please your little ones who is obsessed with Ghostbusters. It comes as no surprise when he requests this as he enjoy the classic movie and want to incorporate it in his birthday.



11+ Spooky Ghostbuster Kids Birthday Invitation Templates



          This design was inspired by kind of “Construction” design idea or sort of, I don’t know how to describe it (lol), but I’m sure you are going to catch the idea that I was trying to say here. Yeah! It has uniquely designed border that comes from the distinctive type of tape (Black & Yellow) that we often see it in Construction site.









          Besides that, you also got a couple of reminiscing graphics of Ghostbuster like what I have talked about it above, such as Slimer, Mooglie, Stay Puft and even the famous automobile that’s featured in the film which is called as Ecto-1 or Ectomobile.

          The timeless Ghostbuster’s characters such as Stay Puft Marshmallow, Slimer and the Squad are presented here in several styles. From the iconic “stop-sign” with Mooglie in it, to the silhouette of Dr. Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz.

What should I do to download the file?

          It’s pretty simple though, you only need to download the template (Right-Click and Save Image As), then add all the details of your party, like Where, When, and so on. You can use Adobe Photoshop to edit our template design, but if you’re new to this field, then you can probably go for a simple apps like Microsoft Word, or Paints.

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