11+ Comic Superman Boys Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages

by Andrew

          When everything’s already been fitted in place and there’s nothing left in the list for items you need for your special party. Now it’s time to carefully take a step back and look if there might be something left untouched.

How about your party invitation? Haven’t you gotten rid the hurdle from the beginning? If you haven’t yet found a good one, I think this following can somehow open your mind for party invitation, in this case it was a Superman birthday invitation.



Much likely Marvel Superheroes, DC Leagues also catches everyone’s heart right on the chord, for example; Superman, you already knew that, right? Who won’t their party will be filled up with many Super power heroes? Our gallery has various kinds of invitations design, and here are some of our favorite Superman invitation template.






11+ Comic Superman Boys Birthday Invitation Templates For All Ages







Create something extraordinary for your little superhero with these six different types of super-awesome Superman invitations. Without sacrificing any details, on the bottom section of the card you can still do a little customization to them, add detailed information of the party. Make sure the font sizes are readable for your guest, and give your guest a guidance or direction of where the party will be held.

How to download

  1. Firstly, choose your favorite design, then right-click that preview image.
  2. Select “Save image as” and Locate where you want it to be saved in your device.
  3. You can leave it as it is, and open it later when the download is finished.
  4. Open the file with third party apps such as, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, Corel Draw and so forth.

To-do list?

  • Software to use: Ms. Word, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. (I know what is inside your mind now, you never knew you needed Ms. Word for editing, right? 😂
  • Get some information about the material (Paper) you’re going to use. Vellum, Cardstock and Cotton paper are the best ones on the market now. MAKE SURE YOU BUY THOSE IN 5×7” SIZE.
  • Print the final draft of your invitation card design on paper you just bought.

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