11+ Colorful Pastel Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Birthday means the world for the birthday boy or girl, especially if it’s their first celebration. Although, your baby might not remember it when they are adult, the full fling of cheerful celebration and warm wishes from your family and friend could bless them with sincerity and love. To double the happiness, let’s invite your special guest to come at your party with my latest collection. Would you mind if I show it to you now? Okay, if you think so, here is how it looks.

Happy reading, everyone! I hope you’re going to enjoy it



Hey girls and moms, if you are desperately looking for unique and cute ideas to be used as your party invitation card, you can take this into your list.

Celebrate your kid or sibling’s birthday with this magnificent Floral themed birthday party stationery. Don’t miss this opportunity to have one of the best invitation card template for this Spring and the upcoming Summer.

          This new trend was inspired by what’s in everyone’s discussion, especially for mommies with her new born baby. The secret lies here, yep! The pastel colored drawing helps the card have a good vibrant contrast and more liven up.




11+ Colorful Pastel Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates




11+ Colorful Pastel Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates








Download Instructions

  1. You need to left-click each image/template/preview you are going to use
  2. A new pop up page will be shown shortly, then right-click the image
  3. Select save image as and locate the destination folder
  4. After that, you can either tap your “Enter” key or click “Save” to start the download process.
  5. Software to open the file: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint (Paint3d), Corel Draw and etc.
  6. Print the template on any printing paper you like. The best one is cardstock paper.

Choosing the perfect paper

          There is nothing that goes exactly perfect in all occasion, they certainly made for specific purpose though. For example, all rounded card that might suitable for any purpose, for me – it would be Card-stock paper, you can easily find them on any business or formal occasion.

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