11+ Adorable Colorful Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Invitation Templates For Kids Birthday

by Andrew

Hello, moms! Now you’re in the right place for party lovers! Our site is great place as a party stopper before you dive deeper planning your party. We won’t compromise with the quality of each element in this card, though we provide everything in free for personal use only.

What do we have for today?



          It would be difficult for us to resist the beauty and cuteness of Unicorn in girl’s birthday party. In fact, this one is probably one the most searched party theme for celebrating our cute little girl’s birthday. I personally fall in love with these. The card has beautiful scenery of what’s like to be high above the sky, where we could easily watch beautiful rainbow’s forming up and fluffy cloud that we always dreamed in to jump off from one to another.











11+ Adorable Colorful Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Invitation Templates For Kids Birthday


          Besides all adorable rainbow maned Unicorns, pastel rainbow and fluffy white clouds in there, you also get another useful feature that this card personally had for you. Yep! If you have already seen it, then you’re right! This template had already been coming with cutout that allow you to insert your little daughter’s photo to the card, so that your guest could see and can’t wait to see your daughter soon.

  1. How to Download the template

Okay, now one of your job is done, and what’s next? I’d like to suggest you to download your favorite template (Right-Click, Save Image As, Enter), first. 😂😋 Then you can customize the template to match your personal taste and add all the required details.

  1. How to Customize/Edit the template

Best editing apps for this occasion are either use Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Draw. If you haven’t had enough experience in editing, you can simply edit the template through “not-specifically-made” apps for editing, like Microsoft Word, this app is good enough for beginner, and it’s capable to deal with simple task.

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