101 Guide to Princess and Prince Baby Shower Party Ideas

by conaintata

Preparing for the arrival of your little prince or princess is a special and joyous occasion. Hosting a princess or prince-themed baby shower is a delightful way to celebrate this magical moment.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into intricate details to help you create an enchanting and memorable royal baby shower.

From invitations to decorations, food, games, and party favors, every aspect will be carefully considered to ensure your celebration is fit for royalty.

Invitations Fit for Royalty

Setting the tone for your princess or prince-themed baby shower begins with the perfect invitations. These invites are your guests’ first glimpse into the enchantment they’ll experience at your event. Let’s explore various invitation ideas to make your baby shower truly regal.

Royal Scrolls, Crafted Elegance

Royal scroll invitations bring an air of elegance and sophistication to your baby shower. These invitations are reminiscent of ancient royal proclamations.

Use parchment paper, roll it up delicately, and tie it with a satin ribbon. Each scroll can be personalized with intricate details about your baby shower.

Storybook Invitations

Storybook invitations are a whimsical choice that adds a touch of magic to your baby shower.

Design the invites to resemble the pages of a fairy tale book, complete with a narrative that tells the story of your baby’s “royal” journey into the world.

Include charming illustrations and details that transport your guests into a fairy tale.

Crown Invitations

Crown invitations are a regal choice for your princess or prince-themed baby shower. Craft invitations in the shape of crowns, incorporating shimmering gold accents and intricate detailing. Each invitation can feature a miniature crown that hints at the royal celebration to come.

Royal Carriage

For a whimsical touch, choose invitations that feature a royal carriage, as if it’s on its way to your kingdom.

These invitations can be adorned with images of a horse-drawn carriage, delicate lace, and soft pastel colors, creating an aura of enchantment and anticipation.

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Décor that Dazzles

Your baby shower’s decor sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. The enchantment begins as soon as your guests step into your royal world. Let’s explore the intricate details of decorations that will leave your guests spellbound.

Royal Seating

Create a throne fit for the mom-to-be. This focal point of your decor should exude comfort and regal charm. Adorn the throne with plush cushions in the chosen color scheme and hang a golden “Mom-to-Be” banner to make the expectant parent feel like royalty.

Castle Backdrop

Hang a castle-themed backdrop to instantly transport your guests to a magical kingdom. This backdrop can feature a grand castle with turrets and drawbridges, ensuring that every photo taken at your baby shower is imbued with enchantment.

Regal Color Scheme

The color scheme you choose plays a pivotal role in creating the desired ambiance. For a classic princess theme, consider pastel shades like pink, lavender, and gold.

If you’re leaning towards a princely theme, deep blues and gold accents can set the tone for a majestic celebration.

These colors should be woven into every aspect of your decor, from tablecloths to balloons and centerpieces.

Balloons and Banners

Balloons are a timeless decoration choice. Opt for balloons featuring crowns, carriages, or baby-themed messages.

Pair these with banners that say “Welcome to our Royal Family” or other personalized messages to create an atmosphere of joy and anticipation.

Table Settings

Elevate your table settings to fit the royal theme. Use elegant china, vintage tea cups, and silverware to create a refined dining experience for your guests. Consider incorporating touches like gold-rimmed plates and crystal glasses for added opulence.

Delightful Dining

Your guests are in for a treat with a royal feast that complements the enchanting theme of your baby shower. From sweet treats to savory delights, every aspect of your dining experience will be carefully curated to delight your guests.

Princess Petit Fours

For the princesses in attendance, serve dainty petit fours adorned with edible flowers. These bite-sized pastries are not only delicious but also visually stunning.

Choose flavors that match your color scheme and decorate with delicate floral designs for an extra touch of elegance.

Prince-ly Finger Sandwiches

To cater to the princes at your baby shower, offer a selection of savory finger sandwiches. Classics like cucumber sandwiches and mini quiches are always crowd-pleasers.

These savory delights can be beautifully presented on tiered serving trays, adding to the overall regal ambiance.

Royal Tea Selection

Create a tea station featuring an array of tea flavors to cater to your guests’ preferences. Include classics like Earl Grey and chamomile, and consider offering flavored scones, clotted cream, and preserves.

The tea station can serve as a cozy gathering spot for guests to enjoy a warm cup of tea and delightful conversation.

Regal Cake

Your baby shower cake should be nothing short of extraordinary. Opt for a tiered cake design, where each layer is a work of art. Adorn the cake with edible pearls, delicate fondant designs, and a crown cake topper that symbolizes the impending arrival of your little prince or princess. Consult with a professional cake decorator to bring your vision to life.

By paying attention to these intricate details, you can create a baby shower that truly feels like a royal affair. Every element, from the choice of invitations to the dining experience, will contribute to an enchanting and memorable celebration.

Fun and Games

No baby shower is complete without a touch of entertainment. Your guests will relish the opportunity to participate in whimsical activities that align with the princess or prince theme. Let’s delve into the details of these enchanting games.

Royal Baby Bingo

Royal Baby Bingo adds an element of friendly competition to your baby shower. Create bingo cards featuring baby-themed words or phrases related to parenthood.

As guests mingle and enjoy refreshments, they can mark off the words as they’re called out. Offer prizes for the first guests to complete a row or the entire card.

Guess the Baby Food

Engage your guests’ taste buds with a delightful game of “Guess the Baby Food.” Blindfolded participants sample different baby foods and attempt to guess the flavors.

Provide a variety of baby food jars, and make it fun by throwing in some surprising options. This game is sure to generate laughter and lively discussion.

Crown Decorating

Spark creativity with a crown decorating activity. Set up a crafting station with plain crowns and an array of decorating materials, including jewels, feathers, glitter, and ribbons.

Your guests can personalize their crowns, creating unique keepsakes to take home as a reminder of the special day.

Royal Baby Trivia

Challenge your guests’ knowledge of famous royal babies throughout history with a trivia game.

Prepare a list of questions related to royal infants, from historical figures to modern-day royalty.

Guests can form teams or play individually to answer questions and earn points. Award a prize to the guest or team with the highest score.

Party Favors Fit for Royalty

Sending your guests home with thoughtful party favors is a gracious way to express your appreciation.

These tokens of gratitude can further enhance the magical experience of your baby shower. Let’s explore personalized and charming party favors that your guests will treasure.

Crown Cookies

Package crown-shaped cookies as sweet parting gifts. These cookies can be intricately decorated to match the royal theme, featuring edible gold dust, pearls, and delicate icing designs. Place them in decorative favor bags or boxes for guests to take home and enjoy.

Magic Wand Party Favors

Craft mini magic wands as party favors for your little princes and princesses. These wands can be made using dowels, glittery ribbon, and decorative stars.

Customize each wand with the baby’s name or a special message, and present them in enchanting packaging.

Personalized Tiara or Crown Keychains

Offer personalized tiara or crown keychains as keepsakes for your guests. These keychains can be engraved with the baby’s name and the date of the baby shower. They serve as a lasting reminder of the special occasion and the royal theme.

Prince or Princess Onesies

Transform plain onesies into adorable royal apparel by adorning them with a crown or tiara design. These customized onesies make charming party favors, especially for guests with little ones of their own. Personalize each onesie with a heartfelt message or the baby’s name.


Hosting a princess or prince-themed baby shower is a delightful way to usher in the arrival of your little one. By paying meticulous attention to every detail, from the invitations to the party favors, you’ll create an atmosphere of enchantment that your guests will treasure.

These intricacies, combined with your love and excitement, will ensure that your baby shower is a truly royal affair.

Let the enchantment begin, and may your baby’s arrival be as magical as the baby shower you’ve envisioned!

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