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If you’re looking to throw an epic Spiderman-themed baby shower party, get ready to swing into action with a web of fantastic ideas! From invitations to decorations, treats, costumes, and game activities, here’s your comprehensive guide to make this celebration a superhero-sized hit.


The first step in setting the tone for your Spiderman-themed baby shower is crafting awesome invitations. Think Spidey vibes combined with a baby shower twist!

Create invitations that blend Spiderman elements with baby-centric details. Opt for Spiderman colors, motifs, and incorporate cute baby-themed graphics or phrases like “Spidey’s Little Sidekick is on the Way!” Include essential details like date, time, venue, and RSVP info.

For a playful touch, consider sending digital Spiderman e-invitations or printable options for a more personal feel.


A superhero-themed baby shower calls for treats that pack a punch! Get creative with Spiderman-inspired food and desserts.

Spiderman Cupcakes: Whip up cupcakes with red and blue frosting and top them off with edible Spiderman logos or spider-shaped candies for that superhero touch.

Webbed Snacks: Create a platter of snacks arranged in a web-like pattern. Use pretzel sticks to form the web and place treats like cheese balls or grapes at intersecting points.

Spiderweb Pizza: Design a pizza with cheese webs and black olive spiders to satisfy your guests’ appetites.

Spidey Fruit Kabobs: Assemble fruit kabobs using red and blue fruits like strawberries and blueberries to represent Spiderman’s iconic colors.

Spiderweb Dip: Create a delicious dip like spinach and artichoke or cheesy salsa and use sour cream or guacamole to pipe a spiderweb pattern on top. Serve with tortilla chips or veggie sticks.

Spiderweb Cake: Bake or order a cake with red and blue layers inside, and decorate the top with black icing to form a spiderweb. Top it off with a small Spiderman figurine or edible Spidey symbols.

Spider Bites: Make small sandwiches using a round cookie cutter to shape them into spider bodies. Use black olives as the body and pretzel sticks as legs for a fun, bite-sized snack.

Webbed Beverages: Serve drinks in red or blue cups and add plastic spiders or spider rings to the straws for a playful touch. Label the drinks with Spidey-inspired names like “Web Slinger Punch” or “Superhero Spritz.”

Spider Cookies: Bake sugar cookies in the shape of spiders and decorate them with red and blue icing to match Spiderman’s colors. Add edible googly eyes for a cute and tasty treat.


Set the scene with decorations that scream Spiderman while celebrating the impending arrival of a little superhero.

Spiderman Balloons: Deck out the venue with red, blue, and black balloons to match Spiderman’s colors. Add Spiderman-themed balloons to amp up the superhero feel.

Spidey Centerpieces: Create eye-catching centerpieces featuring Spiderman action figures or baby-themed items adorned with Spidey motifs.

Web-Inspired Backdrop: Craft a backdrop using streamers or paper cutouts to mimic Spiderman’s web. This serves as a perfect photo spot for guests.

Spiderman Baby Shower Banner: Hang a customized banner that blends Spiderman elements with baby shower phrases. Add the baby’s name or a fun message to personalize it.

Spiderweb Tablecloth: Use tablecloths with spiderweb patterns or simply create your own by drawing black spiderwebs on red or blue table covers. This adds a thematic touch to the dining area.

Spiderman Lanterns: Hang red and blue paper lanterns around the party area. Use black paper to create Spiderman’s web pattern on them. These lanterns can add a soft glow and thematic decor.

Spidey Silhouettes: Cut out Spiderman silhouettes from black paper and scatter them across walls or tables. You can also hang these from the ceiling for a fun, floating effect.

Spiderman Backdrop: Create a backdrop with a large Spiderman image or use a web-shaped backdrop with the Spiderman logo. It can serve as a focal point for photos and add vibrancy to the party space.


Encourage guests to channel their inner superhero with Spiderman-inspired costumes. Whether it’s the parents-to-be or guests, a themed costume adds fun to the celebration.

Spiderman Onesies: For the parents-to-be, consider wearing Spiderman-themed onesies or t-shirts. It’s a cute and comfortable way to join in the theme.

Spidey Masks: Provide Spiderman masks or create DIY versions for guests to wear during the party. It’s an easy way to get everyone into the superhero spirit.


Engage guests with entertaining Spiderman-themed games and activities that’ll have everyone feeling like true superheroes.

Spiderweb Toss: Set up a game where guests toss small balls or bean bags through a Spiderman-themed web target.

Guess the Villain: Display images of Spiderman villains and have guests guess their names. Add a baby twist by asking guests to match villains to baby-related terms.

Spiderman Trivia: Test guests’ knowledge of Spiderman by hosting a trivia game. Include fun facts about the superhero and his adventures.


Send guests home with Spiderman-themed party favors as a token of appreciation for joining the celebration.

Spidey Snack Packs: Prepare small bags filled with themed snacks like Spiderman-shaped cookies, candies, or popcorn.

Spiderman Masks or Wristbands: Offer Spiderman masks or wristbands as favors, allowing guests to take a piece of the superhero fun home.

Spiderman-Themed Soaps or Bath Bombs: Create or purchase Spiderman-themed soaps or bath bombs for a unique and useful party favor.

Spiderman Coloring Books: Provide Spiderman-themed coloring books along with a set of crayons or markers. This favor is perfect for guests of all ages and adds a touch of creativity.

Spidey Bubble Wands: Gift bubble wands featuring Spiderman designs. Kids and adults alike will enjoy playful moments with these themed bubble wands.

Spiderman Keychains: Offer Spiderman keychains as practical and cool party favors. They’re small, handy, and a subtle reminder of the fun-filled celebration.

Spidey Socks: Consider gifting Spiderman-themed socks for a cozy and fun favor. These can be worn long after the baby shower, adding a dash of superhero flair to everyday wear.

Spiderman Stickers or Temporary Tattoos: Provide sheets of Spiderman stickers or temporary tattoos. Guests can enjoy decorating their belongings or themselves with these fun, themed items.


Incorporating these Spiderman-inspired ideas will make your baby shower an unforgettable event. From web-slinging decorations to delicious Spidey treats and entertaining games, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped into the world of their favorite superhero. Get ready to celebrate the arrival of a little hero in style!

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