101 Guide to Hosting a Raya and the Last Dragon Baby Shower Party

by conaintata

Welcome to the ultimate guide to hosting an enchanting Raya and the Last Dragon-themed baby shower! Embrace the magical world of Kumandra as we delve into creative ideas and detailed plans to make this celebration an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Invitations That Set the Mood

Invitations are the gateway to your magical celebration, setting the tone and excitement for the event. To capture the essence of Raya and the Last Dragon, consider creating digital or printable invites featuring vibrant colors, symbolic elements from the movie like Raya’s sword, Sisu’s silhouette, or the mystical dragon gem. Incorporating catchy taglines or quotes from the film can add an extra touch of allure, enticing your guests to join in the adventure.

Tantalizing Treats and Eats

Elevate the culinary experience by crafting a menu inspired by the captivating world of Kumandra. Dragon-themed desserts like ‘Sisu Sundaes’ with colorful toppings or dragon-shaped cookies can infuse the party with movie-related charm.

For a healthy option, a dragon fruit platter could not only align with the theme but also provide a refreshing treat for guests. Consider how each dish can reflect the vibrancy and spirit of the movie, creating a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Dragon Fruit Delights

Dragon fruit, with its vibrant hues and exotic appeal, can serve as a centerpiece for your spread. Create a dragon fruit platter featuring slices of this tropical fruit, offering a refreshing and visually stunning treat for guests.

Sisu’s Sundaes

Craft DIY ‘Sisu Sundaes’ by setting up a sundae bar with colorful toppings like berries, candies, or sprinkles. Let guests build their own sundaes, celebrating the magical spirit of Sisu with a burst of flavors and colors.

Dragon-Themed Desserts

Explore dragon-themed desserts that captivate the imagination. Dragon-shaped cookies decorated with colorful icing or dragon scales made of edible glitter can be both visually stunning and delicious.

Kumandra Kebabs

Prepare fruit or vegetable skewers—resembling Raya’s adventurous spirit—arranged creatively to reflect the vibrant colors and unity found in Kumandra.

‘Tuk Tuk’ Tacos or Wraps

Create mini tacos or wraps named after Raya’s trusty sidekick, ‘Tuk Tuk.’ Fill them with an assortment of ingredients to cater to different preferences, symbolizing the diversity found in the movie’s world.

Dragon Egg Cake Pops

Craft cake pops resembling dragon eggs using vibrant colors and edible shimmer to bring the mystical essence of the movie to life in a bite-sized treat.

Raya’s Rainbow Fruit Salad

Arrange a colorful fruit salad featuring a variety of fruits that represent the spectrum of colors seen in the movie. Celebrate unity and diversity with this vibrant and healthy offering.

‘Pandan Pandemonium’ Delights

Introduce pandan-flavored treats or beverages, inspired by the lush greenery and tropical elements of the film’s setting. Pandan-infused drinks or desserts can add a unique touch to your spread.

Elemental Drinks

Offer a selection of beverages symbolizing the elements portrayed in the movie. Blue-colored drinks for water, fiery red beverages for fire, and green drinks for earth can tie in seamlessly with the thematic elements of Raya and the Last Dragon.

Decorations That Transport Guests

Transform your party space into a captivating scene straight out of the movie. Think lush greenery, vivid lanterns, and dragon-inspired decor elements that embody the essence of Kumandra. Balloons adorned with Raya’s sword or featuring Sisu’s silhouette can add a magical touch to the ambiance. Designate a corner as the ‘Dragon’s Nest’ where guests can unwind in cozy seating surrounded by themed decorations and feel immersed in the movie’s world.

Lantern Lit Pathways

Create a captivating entrance reminiscent of the lantern-lit streets in the movie. Line the pathway to the venue with colorful paper lanterns or fairy lights, guiding guests into the magical realm of Kumandra.

Kingdom of Kumandra Banners

Design banners featuring symbols representing the different regions of Kumandra. Hang these banners around the party area to visually depict the unity and diversity celebrated in the movie.

Sisu’s Wishing Well

Craft a ‘Wishing Well’ corner inspired by Sisu’s ability to grant wishes. Set up a beautifully decorated well with cards where guests can write their wishes for the baby or the parents-to-be.

Dragon Egg Hunt

Place decorative dragon eggs strategically around the venue for a fun and engaging ‘Dragon Egg Hunt.’ These eggs can serve as both decorations and part of an interactive activity for guests.

Kumandra Greenery

Incorporate lush greenery and foliage to emulate the rich landscapes of Kumandra. Use potted plants, vines, or garlands adorned with green leaves to bring the essence of the movie’s setting indoors.

Elemental Centerpieces

Create centerpieces representing the elements—earth, water, fire, and air—as depicted in the movie. Use elements like rocks, shells, candles, or feathers arranged creatively to embody each element.

Raya’s Sword Wall Display

Design a wall display featuring a replica of Raya’s sword, symbolizing bravery and unity. This focal point can serve as a stunning backdrop for photos and add an adventurous touch to the decorations.

Attire: Embrace the Raya Vibes

Encourage guests to join in the fun by embracing Raya-themed attire. Whether it’s clothing inspired by characters, dragon-themed accessories, or simply wearing colors reminiscent of Raya’s adventurous journey, encourage creativity and immersion into the movie’s world. This not only adds to the overall aesthetic but also creates a sense of unity among the attendees.

Engaging Activities for All

Plan interactive activities that resonate with the movie’s adventurous spirit. A dragon-themed scavenger hunt, with hidden items related to the film, can bring an element of excitement and discovery. Set up a DIY station where guests can unleash their creativity by making their own dragon masks or crafting Kumandra-themed art. These activities engage guests of all ages, ensuring everyone feels part of the celebration.

Party Favors: Tokens of Appreciation

Show appreciation to your guests with thoughtful party favors inspired by Raya and the Last Dragon. Consider dragon-themed keychains, bookmarks, or miniature figurines resembling characters from the movie. These favors, whether sourced or handmade, serve as keepsakes, reminding guests of the magical celebration and your gratitude for their presence.

Themed Games for Entertainment

Infuse the celebration with entertaining games that echo elements from the movie. A trivia quiz about Raya’s journey or a ‘Dragon Egg’ relay race can keep guests engaged and entertained. These games not only add to the fun but also foster a sense of camaraderie among attendees, making the event memorable for all.

The Finishing Touch: Thank You Cards

After the festivities, express your gratitude with personalized thank-you cards featuring Raya and her friends. These tokens of appreciation extend the magic of the event and leave a lasting impression on your guests, wrapping up the celebration on a heartwarming note.


By incorporating these detailed ideas and recommended supplies, your Raya-themed baby shower will immerse guests in a world of adventure, unity, and celebration, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

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