101 Guide to Hosting a PJ Masks Baby Shower Party

by conaintata

Planning a PJ Masks themed baby shower? Dive into the ultimate guide for an unforgettable celebration! Embrace the world of PJ Masks to create an event that dazzles and captivates your guests. From invitations to decorations, food, games, and costumes, here’s your roadmap to throwing a bash that will be the talk of the town.

PJ Masks Baby Shower Party Invitations

Start your PJ Masks baby shower journey with invitations that set the tone. Choose vibrant colors and familiar characters like Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. Consider formats like printable or digital invitations. Here’s an idea: Customized PJ Masks invitation templates featuring the heroes can be easily found online, ensuring your invites align perfectly with your theme.

Treats and Food for Your PJ Masks Party

Fuel your guests with delightful PJ Masks-themed treats and goodies!

  • PJ Masks Cupcakes: Whip up cupcakes adorned with edible toppers featuring PJ Masks characters. Consider using cupcake toppers like these [PJ Masks Cupcake Toppers](Amazon link) to elevate your sweet treats.
  • Superhero Snacks: Create a snack bar with hero-inspired treats, like “Gekko’s Green Gummies” or “Catboy’s Crunchy Snack Mix.”
  • Owlette’s Fruit Platter: Craft a vibrant fruit platter with assorted fruits arranged to resemble Owlette’s colors.
  • Hero Sandwiches: Create a sandwich station with a variety of fillings and toppings. Cut them into fun shapes resembling masks or symbols of the PJ Masks characters.
  • Colorful Fruit Platter: Arrange fruits in the colors of Catboy (blueberries), Owlette (strawberries), and Gekko (kiwi or green grapes) to create a vibrant and healthy snack option.
  • Superhero Pizza: Prepare pizzas with toppings arranged in the shape of masks or symbols associated with PJ Masks characters. Offer options like pepperoni, olives, and bell peppers to create the designs.
  • Owlette’s Wings: Serve buffalo wings or chicken drumettes as “Owlette’s Wings” along with dipping sauces.
  • Gekko’s Green Dip: Create a green-colored dip using spinach or avocado to represent Gekko’s color scheme. Pair it with chips or vegetable sticks for a delicious snack.
  • Catboy Cupcakes: Bake cupcakes with blue frosting and top them with edible toppers featuring Catboy’s mask or silhouette.
  • Superhero Fruit Smoothies: Offer vibrant fruit smoothies in blue, red, and green hues, representing each of the PJ Masks characters’ colors.

PJ Masks Party Decorations to Wow Your Guests

Transform your space into a PJ Masks wonderland with creative decorations:

  • Superhero Balloons: Inflate blue, red, and green balloons, and tie them up in clusters around the venue. Consider PJ Masks Balloons like these [PJ Masks Party Balloons](Amazon link) for an extra pop!
  • Backdrop and Banners: Hang banners featuring PJ Masks characters against a backdrop to add depth and excitement to your decorations.
  • Heroic Centerpieces: Set up centerpieces with action figures or themed items like PJ Masks table centerpieces to anchor each table.
  • Backdrop Fun: Create a themed backdrop featuring scenes from the PJ Masks series. Hang a large banner or create a wall mural showcasing the heroes in action.
  • Superhero Silhouettes: Stick PJ Masks character silhouettes on walls or windows using removable decals or vinyl stickers. They’ll add a dynamic touch to your decor.
  • PJ Masks Balloon Arch: Construct a balloon arch using blue, red, and green balloons. Consider adding character-themed balloons or foil balloons with the PJ Masks logo for an extra wow factor.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Stars: Scatter glow-in-the-dark star stickers or cutouts around the party area to simulate the starry night atmosphere the heroes often encounter in the show.

PJ Masks-Themed Costumes

Encourage guests to dress up in PJ Masks attire to bring the theme to life:

  • DIY Masks: Provide materials for guests to make their own masks inspired by Catboy, Owlette, or Gekko.
  • Character Capes: For an added touch, offer capes resembling the PJ Masks heroes. Try these [PJ Masks Cape Sets](Amazon link) for an easy solution.

Fun PJ Masks Baby Shower Activities

Entertain your guests with engaging activities and games:

  • Superhero Trivia: Test everyone’s PJ Masks knowledge with a fun trivia game. Create questions about the characters, their powers, and adventures.
  • Craft Station: Set up a craft table for guests to create PJ Masks-themed items like masks, shields, or personalized onesies for the baby-to-be.
  • Heroic Photo Booth: Create a PJ Masks-themed photo booth with props for guests to pose as their favorite characters.
  • Superhero Training Course: Set up an obstacle course inspired by the PJ Masks adventures. Include tasks like crawling through tunnels, jumping over obstacles, and balancing challenges.
  • Mask Making Station: Let guests channel their inner heroes by providing materials for creating PJ Masks masks. Offer colored paper, markers, glitter, and stickers for personalized designs.
  • Villain Capture Relay: Divide guests into teams and create a relay race where they “capture” villain cutouts (such as Romeo, Luna Girl, or Night Ninja) and bring them back to the starting line.
  • PJ Masks Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt with clues related to PJ Masks characters or items from the series. Hide PJ Masks-themed objects or toys for guests to find.
  • Guess the Superpower: Prepare a game where guests have to match the PJ Masks characters to their superpowers. Provide a list of powers and characters, and guests can match them up for a chance to win a prize.

Party Favors

Party favors are a must for a PJ Masks baby shower! Here are some fantastic ideas to thank your guests for joining the superhero celebration:

  • PJ Masks Goody Bags: Fill colorful bags or boxes with themed goodies like stickers, temporary tattoos, character masks, and mini action figures. Consider these [PJ Masks Party Favor Bags](Amazon link) to make it easy!
  • Superhero Stationery Set: Gift guests with PJ Masks-themed notepads, pencils, or mini notebooks featuring their favorite characters.
  • DIY Masks and Capes: Provide DIY kits for guests to create their own masks or capes to take home, allowing them to unleash their inner hero even after the party.
  • Themed Treats: Send guests home with individually wrapped superhero-themed cookies, candies, or chocolates. Look for PJ Masks-themed treats or packaging for an extra touch.
  • PJ Masks Storybook: Consider giving each guest a small PJ Masks storybook or coloring book, allowing them to continue the adventure even after the party ends.
  • Character Figurines: Miniature PJ Masks character figurines or keychains can be a fun and lasting memento of the superhero-themed celebration.


Embrace the PJ Masks universe to craft an extraordinary baby shower party. With creative invitations, delectable treats, vibrant decorations, themed costumes, and entertaining activities, your PJ Masks baby shower will be an absolute hit. Let the PJ Masks magic sweep through your celebration, making it an unforgettable experience for all attendees!

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