101 Guide to Hosting a Penguins of Madagascar Baby Shower Party

by conaintata

Are you ready to dive into the world of Penguins of Madagascar and create a baby shower celebration that’s truly unforgettable? Get ready to waddle your way through this ultimate guide packed with ideas, decorations, treats, and fun-filled activities for an epic baby shower themed around these adorable and adventurous penguins!

Invitations That Set the Tone

Invites are the first sneak peek into your fantastic party. For a Penguins of Madagascar baby shower, craft invites that evoke the playful spirit of the penguins. Consider using printable templates featuring cute penguin graphics, catchy taglines, party details (date, time, location), and an RSVP. Make it fun, keeping the theme in mind!

Charming Treats and Food for Your Guests

Every party deserves delicious treats, and a Penguins of Madagascar-themed baby shower is no exception. Channel your inner chef to whip up penguin-themed delights:

  • Penguin Cake Pops: Adorable and tasty, these pops will steal the show. Mold cake pops into penguin shapes, adding edible details with candy for an extra pop.
  • Fish-shaped Sandwiches: Cut sandwiches into fish shapes using cookie cutters for a playful nod to the penguins’ favorite meal.
  • Penguin Cupcakes: Frost cupcakes in black and white, adding edible penguin toppers for a delightful treat.
  • Fish Bowl Snacks: Create a snack bar with assorted fish-shaped crackers, goldfish crackers, or gummy fish displayed in bowls resembling fishbowls. It’s a playful and thematic treat.
  • Penguin-shaped Fruit Platter: Use cookie cutters to shape fruits like watermelon, pineapple, or honeydew into adorable penguin figures. Serve these as a healthy yet cute snack option.
  • Penguin Pizza: Craft mini pizzas with black olives as eyes and white cheese as the penguin’s belly. Arrange them to resemble penguin faces for a savory delight.
  • Blue Lemonade “Penguin Punch”: Mix up a refreshing blue-colored lemonade or punch, and serve it in a punch bowl with penguin-shaped ice cubes for a cool beverage option.
  • Penguin Pretzel Rods: Dip pretzel rods in black and white candy melts and decorate them to resemble penguin figures. These make for a fun and crunchy snack.
  • Snowy Popcorn: Mix popcorn with white chocolate or sprinkle it with powdered sugar to create a snowy effect. Serve it in bowls adorned with penguin-themed decorations.
  • Penguin Cake or Cupcakes: If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a cake or cupcakes decorated to resemble adorable penguins. Black and white frosting, edible eyes, and orange beaks will bring these treats to life!

Decorations to Transport Guests to Antarctica

Transform your space into a penguin paradise with these decorative ideas:

  • Penguin Balloons: Balloons in black and white hues shaped like penguins can instantly lift the party mood.
  • Penguin Centerpieces: Create charming centerpieces using plush penguin toys surrounded by ice-blue or snowy decorations.
  • Penguin Iceberg Table Settings: Craft table settings resembling miniature icebergs, incorporating blue and white hues for a cool touch.
  • Iceberg Table Centerpieces: Create centerpieces resembling icebergs using foam or white and blue cloth draped over balloon clusters. Place penguin figurines on top to complete the look.
  • Penguin Footprint Trail: Cut out black penguin footprints from construction paper and arrange them in a trail leading to the party area, adding a playful touch to the entrance.
  • Icy Balloon Garland: Craft a balloon garland using white, silver, and light blue balloons to mimic an icy feel. Add penguin-shaped foil balloons intermittently for a thematic display.
  • Penguin Silhouette Wall Decals: Use black cardboard or vinyl cutouts to create penguin silhouettes and stick them on walls or windows for a striking visual effect.
  • Snowflake Streamers and Hanging Decor: Hang blue and white streamers resembling snowflakes from the ceiling, complemented by hanging penguin cutouts or plush toys.
  • Penguin Themed Photo Backdrop: Set up a photo booth area with a backdrop featuring an icy landscape or penguin rookery. Add props like penguin masks or hats for guests to pose with.
  • Chilled Table Settings: Use white tablecloths as a base and layer with blue or silver table runners to create a wintry feel. Add penguin-themed tableware or place settings for an adorable touch.
  • Penguin Lanterns: Hang DIY or store-bought lanterns painted or decorated to resemble penguins around the party space for a whimsical lighting effect.

Penguin-themed Costume Fun

Encourage guests to dress in their best penguin-inspired outfits:

  • Penguin Onesies: Offer penguin onesies as a costume option for guests, making for cute photo opportunities.
  • Penguin Hats or Headbands: Provide guests with penguin hats or headbands, ensuring everyone feels like part of the waddling crew.

Playful Party Activities

Engage guests with exciting and thematic activities:

  • Penguin Egg Hunt: Hide plastic penguin eggs filled with treats around the venue for guests to find.
  • Penguin Pictionary: Have a round of Pictionary with drawings focused on penguin-related terms.
  • Penguin Waddle Race: Divide guests into teams and have them race across a designated area while waddling like penguins. The team that finishes the race first wins a prize.
  • Pin the Beak on the Penguin: Create a large poster of a penguin without a beak and prepare beak cutouts with double-sided tape. Blindfold participants and have them attempt to pin the beak on the penguin while being spun around.
  • Penguin Egg Relay: Organize a relay race where teams carry penguin eggs (or small balls) using spoons, mimicking the penguins’ careful egg handling.
  • Penguin Trivia Quiz: Prepare a trivia quiz with questions related to the Penguins of Madagascar series. Guests can form teams and compete to answer the most questions correctly.

Party Favor Ideas

Here are some fun and adorable party favor ideas perfect for a Penguins of Madagascar-themed baby shower:

  1. Penguin Plush Toys: Miniature plush penguin toys make fantastic keepsakes for guests to take home. They’re cuddly reminders of the adorable penguins from the theme.
  2. Fish-shaped Soaps: Handcrafted soaps molded into fish shapes or wrapped in penguin-themed packaging are practical yet on-theme favors.
  3. Penguin-shaped Cookies: Personalized cookies in the shape of penguins or adorned with penguin icing designs are both delightful and delicious.
  4. Penguin-themed Keychains: Custom keychains featuring small penguin figures or cute penguin designs serve as useful reminders of the fun celebration.
  5. Penguin-themed Stationery: Notepads, pens, or bookmarks with penguin motifs or characters from Penguins of Madagascar make great favors for guests.
  6. Penguin-themed Candles: Scented candles with labels or molds featuring penguins or icy themes add a touch of ambiance and a keepsake for guests.
  7. Penguin-shaped Chocolates or Candies: Individually wrapped chocolates or candies shaped like penguins or with penguin wrappers are sweet parting gifts.


Hosting a Penguins of Madagascar baby shower is all about infusing joy, playfulness, and cuteness into every aspect of the celebration. These ideas, inspired by the adventurous penguins, aim to make your event a memorable and joyous occasion for the parents-to-be and guests alike.

Remember, let your creativity soar, and have a flippin’ good time celebrating the imminent arrival of the newest member of the rookery!

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