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Are you ready to embark on an adventure-filled celebration for an upcoming baby shower? Look no further than a Dora the Explorer themed party to make it a memorable occasion! From decorations to food and activities, here’s your comprehensive guide to hosting a magical Dora-inspired baby shower.

Invitations that Set the Adventure Tone

Start the excitement by sending out invitations that reflect the adventurous spirit of Dora the Explorer. Craft invites featuring Dora, Boots, and the gang, detailing the journey ahead. You can go for DIY invitations or find themed templates online for a touch of authenticity.

Delightful Treats for Explorers

Get the party started with a delightful array of treats that cater to both kids and adults attending the baby shower.

  • Dora Adventure Cake: Capture the essence of Dora’s travels with a colorful, adventure-themed cake adorned with map details, backpacks, and iconic characters. Use edible figures or cake toppers for that perfect touch.
  • Boots’ Banana Cupcakes: Whip up some banana-flavored cupcakes and decorate them with adorable monkey faces, paying homage to Dora’s loyal friend Boots.
  • Map Cookies: Create map-shaped cookies, just like the one Dora uses to navigate, and decorate them with colorful icing.
  • Backpack Snack Packs: Fill mini backpacks with trail mix or small treats for guests to take home as favors.
  • Swiper’s Cupcakes: Bake cupcakes adorned with Swiper’s iconic blue color, topped with chocolate ears and eyes to resemble the mischievous fox.
  • Map Cookies & Milk: Pair map-shaped cookies with mini milk cartons or bottles for a nostalgic treat that represents Dora’s trusty map.
  • Jungle Jello Cups: Create individual cups of green and blue Jello, symbolizing the jungle and rivers in Dora’s adventures.
  • Map-shaped Sandwiches: Use cookie cutters to create map-shaped sandwiches filled with assorted spreads like peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and veggies.
  • Fruit Adventure Platter: Arrange a colorful platter of tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, kiwis, and strawberries, symbolizing the exotic fruits Dora encounters on her adventures.
  • Boots’ Banana Bites: Serve bite-sized banana slices dipped in chocolate or yogurt, paying homage to Dora’s playful monkey friend Boots.

Dora-tastic Decorations

Transform your space into a Dora wonderland with vibrant decorations that transport guests into the adventurous world.

  • Explorer Map Banners: Hang banners featuring explorer maps and Dora-themed phrases across the room to set the scene.
  • Boots’ Balloon Bouquet: Assemble a bouquet of blue, yellow, and brown balloons to represent Boots the monkey and tie them around the party area.
  • Exploration Station: Set up a corner with jungle-themed props like plants, stuffed animals, and toy binoculars for a playful photo booth area.
  • Map Tablecloth: Cover tables with map-printed tablecloths for an immersive feel.
  • Explorer Archway: Craft a DIY archway using green and brown balloons intertwined with tropical foliage and stuffed animal toys like monkeys and parrots.
  • Dora’s Welcome Sign: Design a large sign welcoming guests to the “Jungle Adventure” or “Explorer’s Paradise” using bold and colorful fonts reminiscent of the show.
  • Tropical Foliage Backdrop: Create a backdrop with faux palm leaves, vines, and tropical flowers to simulate the lush environment of Dora’s adventures.
  • Hanging Explorer Gear: Hang toy binoculars, compasses, and stuffed animals from tree branches or ceiling hooks to add depth to the jungle ambiance.

Dora-inspired Attire

Encourage guests to dress in their explorer best! Whether it’s mimicking Dora’s signature outfit, sporting safari gear, or simply wearing adventure-themed attire, it adds a fun touch to the celebration.

  • Dora Costume: For the mom-to-be or anyone feeling extra adventurous, a Dora costume is a great option. Consider a cute Dora-inspired dress or top paired with shorts and boots.

Engaging Activities & Games

Keep the energy high with interactive games and activities that keep everyone entertained.

  • Map Treasure Hunt: Create a treasure hunt game with clues based on Dora’s adventures. Hide small toys or treats around the venue, guiding guests with map-inspired clues.
  • Pin the Backpack on Boots: A spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. Blindfolded guests try to pin Backpack on Boots while the others cheer them on.
  • Dora’s Bingo Adventure: Customize bingo cards with Dora-themed items like Backpack, Map, Boots, and Swiper for a lively round of Bingo.

Mini Explorer Backpacks

Hand out mini backpacks filled with small goodies as a nod to Dora’s trusty companion, Backpack. Include items like:

  • Exploration Gear: Mini compasses, toy binoculars, or magnifying glasses for future adventures.
  • Dora Stickers: Sheets of stickers featuring Dora, Boots, Map, and other characters.
  • Map-themed Treats: Packets of gummy candies or chocolates shaped like maps or compasses.

DIY Adventure Kits

Encourage guests to continue the adventure at home with DIY adventure kits. Include:

  • Adventure Journals: Small notebooks where guests can jot down their own explorations or baby shower memories.
  • Customized Map: Print out a personalized map of the baby’s milestones for guests to fill in as the baby grows.
  • Adventure-themed Teas or Coffees: Packets of specialty teas or coffees labeled with adventurous names.

Dora-inspired Keepsakes

Provide keepsakes that guests can cherish long after the party ends:

  • Customized Photo Frames: Frames decorated with Dora motifs for guests to insert a photo from the baby shower.
  • Personalized Keychains: Create keychains with the baby’s name or initials alongside Dora-themed charms.

Exploration-themed Treats

Send guests home with treats inspired by Dora’s journeys:

  • Map Cookies: Wrap individual map-shaped cookies as a sweet reminder of the adventure.
  • Mini Treasure Chests: Small boxes filled with candies or chocolates, resembling treasure chests from Dora’s adventures.

Personalized Thank-You Notes

Attach personalized thank-you notes to each favor, expressing gratitude for joining the adventurous celebration. Add a Dora-themed quote or tagline to tie it all together.


Hosting a Dora the Explorer themed baby shower brings the thrill of adventure to your celebration. With themed decorations, delightful treats, engaging activities, and an exploratory spirit, your guests are sure to have a blast as they join in the fun-filled journey.

Pro Tip: Elevate the experience by gifting attendees with Dora-inspired party favors like mini explorer backpacks filled with candies or small toys, ensuring they leave with cherished memories of this adventurous baby shower.

Remember, it’s all about creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for the mom-to-be and guests alike! So gear up, embark on this exciting adventure, and celebrate the imminent arrival in true Dora style!

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