10+ Happy Summer Bash Lilo & Stitch Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          Explore and discover the best, Free DIY Lilo & Stitch birthday invitations here at Beeshower. Suitable for all parties, whether it’s for a baby shower, or typical birthday celebration or maybe celebrating the festive season with neighbors and family. Today, I’ll help you determining the right way to express your party through a personalized invitation card.

You may consider these, if you think you’re not confident with your skills for designing your own party invitation. These Summer themed invites came up with touch of beautiful, vibrant florals, with pastel background and last but not least, our favorite Lilo & Stitch characters which is also coming in several styles to choose from.



Our templates have already come in handy JPG format, which will wrap around enough time for you to focus on other things like choosing the best items for your party decorations (Balloons, Garland, Welcome board sign, etc.), selecting the food & beverage and so forth.


10+ Happy Summer Bash Lilo & Stitch Birthday Invitation Templates


10+ Happy Summer Bash Lilo & Stitch Birthday Invitation Templates with Beautiful Floral




You can browse various kinds of innovative and excellent themes for your baby shower party, you’ll need to point out which templates is going well with your theme.

There are six of them, you can choose which ones is suitable for you, or sure you can have it all, you only need to click on your desired template, then right click on them – choose “save image as”, and your template will saved automatically on your default download location.


10+ Happy Summer Bash Lilo & Stitch Birthday Invitation Templates With Hawaiian Luau Lilo




To-do list?

  • Software to use: Ms. Word, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. (I know what is inside your mind now, you never knew you needed Ms. Word for editing, right? 😂
  • Get some information about the material (Paper) you’re going to use. Vellum, Cardstock and Cotton paper are the best ones on the market now. MAKE SURE YOU BUY THOSE IN 5×7” SIZE.
  • Print the final draft of your invitation card design on paper you just bought.

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