10+ Cute Kids Birthday Party Invitation Templates For Your Kid’s Birthday

by Andrew

How to Throw an Unforgettable Party??

          You definitely need to list a few crucial things before you dive right into the sea of happiness moms! Once you see everyone at your party is smiling and munching the yummy deserts you served to them, your burden will be gone instantly! Trust me.

Aside from what kinds of food you are going to serve at your party, or who is going to lead the party, or how you make everyone go crazy with your awe-inspiring decorations, there is one thing that equals to them. It will be a decisive thing to determine what kinds of impression your party is going to had, either good and bad – and it’s your Party Supply (Invitation card).

Here in in this post I’ve made 10+ Cute birthday invitation templates that will adorn your party! 1…2…3!!!










10+ Cute Kids Birthday Party Invitation Templates For Your Kid's Birthday



          Judging by how it looks, this template is perfectly fit for both girl and boys’ birthday. It has that overall design filled by bright and cheerful palettes. Blue, Yellow, Pink and much more! It will go well for the girls if the talk about its color, but the additional elements such as Hand Drawn Planes, Clouds, Confetti, Cupcake, this surely captivate all boys as well.

Besides that, you also get the place for your child’s photo/picture. Yep! Insert your little sweetheart’s photo will double the fun! And everyone will be lining to be the first one, to come at your party!

How to Download

If you’re ready to keep it as yours, you may need these following simple instructions,

  1. Right-Click each one of your selection.
  2. Then Select “Save Image As”, locate the destination folder.
  3. Click “Save” or tap “Enter” to start the download process.
  4. *To open the file: Make sure you already had installed one of this apps, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw or you can use our own special Online Invitation Maker or Image Editor, here.
  5. If you had any questions, don’t bother to ask it through the comment box down below.


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