10+ Cute Girly Pink Let’s Flamingle Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          You know another thing that kids are guaranteed to love for their birthday? An adorable birthday party invitation! You can have your child will be so proud that they have the greatest invitation and can’t wait to show it to their friends.

          While reading this page, you’re not only get tons of useful tips to help you host the party, but you also get our freebies like these,

          What are you going to say with this ones? Aren’t they cute? Throw your best summer with Flamingo theme and don’t forget to pick one of these and I swear no one can resist its cuteness. Let’s flamingle!




10+ Cute Girly Pink Let's Flamingle Baby Shower Invitation Templates








10+ Cute Girly Pink Let's Flamingle Baby Shower Invitation Templates


          It has the vibes of Summer and Autumn. The custom hand-drawn maples leaves, ash, verdant, caladium and many more, they will show how gorgeous the Summer and Autumn are. Besides that, I also have added a unique illustrations of a river with the adorable Flamingos are standing there in variety of cute poses. There is also a couple of fruits here, it was brought here for representing the great summer.  

Can’t wait to have this stunning template? You can download it for free though! Take a look at this following instructions:

  • Choose your template and click on them
  • A new page will be popped up.
  • Right click your mouse button – choose “save image as”
  • Locate where the template will be saved.
  • Then tap your Enter key or click Save.
  • We recommend you to use a simple app for editing photos.

Additional Tips

For printing material, you can get some information from Google. Carefully think which paper material that suit your best, either Cardstock or Linen or even Kraft paper. Most paper has various kinds of colors, textures, as well as thicknesses. The universal standard for printing-sizes is 5×7 inches.

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