Greenery Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

Looking for a party out in the woods? Then this Greenery Baby Shower invitation template has everything you need! Styled by me, so all of these following design is the latest item in our collection board. Here’s what you will get in today’s article, which also comes in free.

This templates have portrait orientation layout, and has rustic texture as the background design. Since this party was inspired from Outdoor party, I think rustic and greenery floral will be perfect to make it as the decorations. You will get it in six different design, such as Green Monstera, Palm, and Eucalyptus leaves. In addition, some of them also had gold leaves, which makes them even perfect and you don’t need anything except download – insert your text and print it on cardstock paper.



Right at the center of the card, you will see a “square” cut-out, that’s the place where you can write your party details. You can write it so easily, because our template also packed with great feature, which is editable with Microsoft Word. You can even change the font-style, its color, and rearrange the order that suit with your own style.








How to Download

  1. Click the download button which will give you access to our google drive storage. That button was placed above.
  2. Wait for a second, and now you are going to see the Google drive menu.
  3. There is another download button in there, click that and Locate the destination folder.
  4. Tap “enter” to start the download process.
  5. Once the download process is finished, you can open/edit the file through Microsoft Word app.

Printing Tips (Paper material)

  1. You can easily find it on Google, which one is the best for your need as well as budget.
  2. Mostly, people are going to either pick, Card-Stock, or Cotton paper.
  3. Most printer devices can feed paper up to 100 lbs. So, don’t go beyond that limit.
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