Free Printable Surprise Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Are you plan to hold baby shower party? You can do it. Use our free printable surprise baby shower invitation ideas file to enhance your party. This special edition comes in cloud themed. Why should be it? As a parent, of course you want your baby grows up well, be able to get their dream and fly high as they can. That is why we make this design as a motivation for every parent that kids could be the best one.

The file below is in JPEG format that will ease you to get. It has blue background and small cloud to be filled with the party invitation. You can write the baby’s name, the date, time and place.

How to download the file

It is very easy to download the free printable surprise baby shower invitation ideas file. You just need to do right-click on the image and choose the Save Image As menu. Place your file on the computer and it is ready to be used.

What paper you should use

To perfect your invitation card, use a cardstock paper to give an authentic printing result. It is the best paper to print your card because it gives you sharp image. If you plan to resize the file, you can do it easily.

Wording example for the free printable surprise baby shower invitation ideas

Bunch of wording example you can find on Google. But, if you want to have your own words, then it would be great. Here we have one wording example for you to be an inspiration.

Soon Melinda and Steve

will be Mommy and Daddy!

So let’s shower Melinda

The Mommy-to-be with

Love and Best Wishes!

Sunday, July 19th

two o’clock in the afternoon

Katie’s Little Place

465 Critten Avenue, North Bend

RSVP by July 9th to

Sali at 578-907-9739

Cloud baby shower party ideas

Here are some baby shower party ideas in cloud themed. You can have a cake with blue fondant covering the cake. Then prepare many lollipop because your guest will love it. Make the lollipop from white chocolate and add rainbow candies on the top. Mold the white chocolate in cloud molding.


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