Free Printable Laser Baby Shower Invitation Template

Having a baby for the first time is such a great blessing from God. Every parent wish the best for their kid. To thank to God and share the happiness, hold a baby shower party honoring your kid.

This free printable laser baby shower invitation template file comes in laser themed. It is in JPEG format that will ease you to get. We provide a blank space to be filled with the your baby’s name, the date, time, place and RSVP. You can use markers or editing software to write down the details.

How to download the file

It is very easy to get this free printable laser baby shower invitation template file. You just need to do right-click on the image and choose the Save Image As menu. Then place the file on your folder. You are ready to use the file.

What paper you should use

We recommend you to use a cardstock paper because it gives you an authentic printing result and sharp image. For you who add your baby’s photo on the invitation card, you will see the best print out ever using this paper. If you want to resize the file, simply you can do it.

Wording example for free printable laser baby shower invitation template

Bunch of wording example are available on google. You can find them easily. But, if you have no time to browse all the websites, don’t worry. We have an example of baby shower wording for you. Check this out.

Join us to celebrate Jenna and her baby boy

Jackson Smith

Saturday, January 24th

at 3 pm to 5 pm

582 Madison Street


RSVP to Miller at 676-842-8902

Laser baby shower party ideas

Why we have this kind of theme? It just because we hope every baby could bright this world. To fit the theme, you don’t need always use the real laser to get the stunning party. See our party ideas below to perfect the party.


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