FREE Printable Camo Baby Shower Invitations

For some traditions and families, having a baby boy means joy and wealthy. Boys always described as someone who is strong, can be a leader, and can protect the family. That is why people relate the military with manliness. Then, if you already know that your baby is going to be a boy, this camo theme will be perfect for the baby shower party. You and your spouse can even dress up to match with the theme. Even better, you can tell your friends and family to wear a green-coloured outfit too for green colour is the main colour of the camo. You can also finish the preparation with the camo baby shower invitations to make it merrier!

No need to be confused where to download the camo baby shower invitations if you want to prepare the party on your own. It is actually quite simple on how to download the template. All you need to prepare is your laptop and internet. After that, you can get into our website and search for the template. Then, you can download the template in high-quality and for free. It is even easier for the editing and custom part. You can start by adding the words using Turds font. As for the colour of the words, you can adjust the colour with the background of the template. Although, green colours will look perfect with a camo theme.






You also do not need to be confused when you want to print the camo baby shower invitations on your own. You can print the invitations using the regular printer at your home. Before you start printing, you need to read the instruction of your printer first to know how much paper’s thickness does your printer tolerate. After that, you can use the canvas cardstock to print the invitation. The reason is that this cardstock is proved can be used in a home printer without break it. As for the size of the invitation, you can cut to 5”x7” with the thickness up to 80# because it is the common size for the baby shower party.

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