Free Printable Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Sheenz

Free Printable Baby Shower Invitation Templates


Hi Everyone, Leta��s come and join us to Kevin and Audrey baby shower party.

Kevin and Audrey like soccer. They are a big fan of Manchester United soccer team.A�Audrey is a big fan of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Her favorite soccer player was in Bayern Munich soccer club.

Kevin also likes soccer and he is a big fan of Wayne Rooney. His favorite soccer player were winning so much awarded as the best soccer player in PFA, UEFA Euro 2004, FIFA and so much more.

Sports Themed Baby Shower Invitation Templates

They were collecting Manchester united jersey and they were watching the match every time their favorite soccer club playing.A�They just got moved to USA and they missed the moment watch soccer live in the soccer field.

The baby shower party theme is soccer. The dress code is soccer jersey.

Sport Animal Safari Baby Shower Invitation Templates

The party will decorated in Manchester United wallpaper and it also will have red curtains and also it will have banner garland in shirt shaped which having shirt numbers.

It will have plastic balls in the table as the decorations. It also will have soccer ball piA�ata which put in the doorway.

The party also will have pennants in the themed and also it will have soccer ball die cut which hanging on the right and left side of pennants.

Sport Boy Baby Shower Invitations

The party will have red tablecloth and also it will have Manchester United plastic plates and plastic cups. It also will have red napkin and cutlery in each table.

The party will have some fun games for the guest. That will have fun games, such as: balloon heads, soccer goal with blindfolded, yellow card as known as freeze tag games and so much more.

The party is in: Thursday, 19 January 2017, in 18:00-20:00, at 4981 School Street, Adelphi, DC 20783.



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