FREE Printable Alice Tea Party Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Free Alice Tea Party Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Whether you’re planning a whooping baby shower or an unforgettable simple party, there’s tons of beautiful templates to suit all your needs and styles. You may have wonder, what is a template design? Template is a sort of design scheme which contains colors, fonts, and shapes for some specific content.

You can create your own custom templates, but why won’t you go for our free template, and it will also have an astonishing design ideas and elegant themes that you can use it at your special event. To get some inspiration for the ideal templates for your dream party, you can check this Alice Tea Party themed templates on your list, as it has some fun for its background, stylish ornaments, and unique spaces for you to put your own details.




Adding some details

You can add some details on it, such as his name, where will the party be held and you can go for editing this templates to match your own preference. Here is a few things for you as a reference,

It’s A Baby Sprinkle!

Bottles and booties, diapers and pins

This is our journey where the love begins!

His or her Name

So we’re throwing her a shower

Date | Time

(Where the party is going to be held)

Your name


You can also put his or her cute photo on the available spaces to make your guests crack their smile while looking at your baby shower invitation card, and surely they are ready to show him/her with lots of love and sweet gifts. We suggest you to use a simple app like Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop if you want to find something that has more detailed option.



There are plenty of templates and you make it as your invitation card and it’s completely free. Make sure to search another Invitation card Templates by clicking our “Invitation” Tab on the upper section.





To download this cute Alice Tea Party Baby Shower invitation templates, you just had to click on top your selected template and new page will pop up and you save it by clicking your right-button and choose “save the image as”, and your download will be started right away. For additional information, the standard print sizes of wedding and baby shower invitation card is 5x7inch, and we suggest you to use cardstock paper as your invitation card paper.

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