Bow Tie Baby Shower Invitations

Bow Tie Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Everyone, Leta��s come and join us to Courtney and Francis baby shower party.

Courtney and Francis like the cute baby things. Courtney likes to dressed the toddlers in the cute outfit.

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

She likes to put brukat dress, peplum baby dress, black and white polka dots dress with black stocking, black shoes and sweet black ribbon headband and cute belt for girls.

She also likes to dress boys with the bow tie, suit or men dress, belt, baby pantofel shoes and sometimes she also likes to add vest.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation Ideas For Baby Boys

The baby will be a boy. They are very excited to waiting on the baby born and they would like to go shopping all the baby boy equipment.

The baby shower party theme is bow tie. The dress code is men shirt or suit with the bow tie.

Baby Shower Thank You Notes For Boys

The party will be decorated in bow tie glitz hanging decorations in the blue, black and green which hanging on the wall.

In the corner of the glitz hanging decoration in left and right side and it will have paper garland in suspender black and white polka dots bow tie.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas For Boy

The party also will have string decorations in the themed which hanging up in the doorway.A�The party will have tablecloth in the themed and also have plastic plates, plastic cups and white and white napkins.

The party will served excellent dishes and it also will have more salad, finger food and ice cream in any flavor.

The party will have fun games which include the tie. Everyone can join the game and that will have prizes for the games winner.

The party is in: Tuesday, 7 May 2013, at 16:00-18:00, in 27 Glendale Avenue, Agoura, CA 91301.

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