Black and White Baby Shower Invitations

by Sheenz

A�Black and White Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us to James and Sarah baby shower party.A�Sarah likes neutral color. Her favorite dress style is black and white. She is always wearing both color of mixed color for her outfit, accessories and almost all her stuff in this both color.

cool black and white baby shower invitations

Almost all her clothes is in the mixed color or each color itself. Everyone know her as the black and white lady.

Even she styles her hair in emo hairstyles with half black and half white. This style is pretty famous now. Her style is so unique and she always using smokey eyes and black lipstick on her daily looks.

motif black and white baby shower invitations

The baby shower party theme is black and white. The dress code is black or white. Both color mixed also will be good.

The party will decorated in black and white stripped backdrop and it is also has photo booth using wallpaper in both color as the backdrop.

cart black and white baby shower invitation

That will have black curtains and white curtain by side and it is also has both color latex balloon and it will have paper fan backdrop in both color with some different motif will make the decoration looks elegant.

stripped black and white baby shower invitations

It is also has banner pennant in both themed color suspended with black ribbon and it is has white ribbon in the banner pennant as the ornament.

The tablecloth will be set up in black and white polka dots motif and it also will have white plates and black cups. It is also has napkin in both color with stripped motif.

motif pink black and white baby shower invitation

The party will served cupcakes in both color with Oreo above the cupcakes. It is also will served main course and dessert.

The party is in: Monday, 22 August 2016, in 18:00-20:00, at 1943 Bubby Drive, Austin, TX 78759.


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