Baby Shower Invitations for Twins

Baby Shower Invitations for Twins


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us to my friends, Justin and Claudia baby shower party.

Justin and Claudia will have baby and the most excited thing is their baby are twins!A�Claudia always talk about wants to have twin baby either it is girl and girl or boy and girl.

Diapers Card Baby Shower Invitations For Twins

The baby will be boy and girl. They will dressed in prince and princess costumes.A�The dress code is free. If you are twins, you can wear the same costume with your twin brother or sister.

The party will be fun with double decorations for boy and girl. The party will decorated in more pink and black color.

Baby Carriage Baby Shower Invitations For Twins

The party will have balloon arch in pink colors balloons and it will have white balloons in crown shaped.

It will have dark blue and blue balloons with the prince foil balloons topper in the left side of the stage.A�In the right side it will have pink and red balloons with the princess foil balloons topper.

Baby On The Pod Baby Shower Invitations For Twins

The party will had pink and blue curtains. In the pink curtains it will have some decorations, such as: pink heart decorations which glued in the pink curtains and in the blue curtains will have more golden star decorations in blue curtains.

The party will served excellent food. The female guest can use pink plastic plates and plastic cups and the male guest can use blue plastic plates and plastic cups.

Twins Elephant Baby Shower Invitation Templates Free

That will have pink tablecloth and soft blue ribbons chair decorations and it also will have blue napkin for male guest and pink napkins for female guest.

You can enjoy the cupcakes, juice and some cakes in both color in the party.

The baby shower party is in: Sunday, 8 December 2013, in 16:00-18:00, at 768 Round Table Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240.


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