Wild One Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

Hello. Now we’re back again with a fresh-looking template designs. What’s that? For today, it might be a bit different to what I posted a couple days ago, because today we’re going to learn how to craft beautiful “Wild One” invitation card, for our little princess. So, make sure to read the whole article, right.

All of these templates are editable with Microsoft Word, so if you’ve already had the Ms. Word 2007 version or above, you can easily and directly edit and insert every details of your party information. In this card, you will get beautiful looking card, (I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree with that), as we can see, the template is decorated with magnificent “Roses” in such beautiful flashy colors.



To make it looks even better, right at the center of the card, I decided to make the “She’s a …” in Gold Glitter finished, and on its back, I also added additional style to make it stands out, such as Paper Grain Texture and Marble White background. As it has 6 different designs, you can choose your own favorite and do it at home. It won’t take a lots of time though, maybe around 30 minutes to 1-hour max. Are you interested with these one? Okay, then follow the other steps in down below.








(That’s the Download Button. Click that, and your page browser will open Google Drive page, then click “download”.)

How it works:

  1. The file has “Rar” type of file-extension, it means you need to unpack the file with some kind of Rar file opener.
  2. Install the provided fonts, it was placed inside the Fonts folder.
  3. Then you open the file (Template) and insert your party information, and, as it’s editable with Ms. Word, you can do bunch of other things.
  4. Such as Replacing the Font-styles, background and so forth.
  5. Final step: Print the file
  6. What you need to do: Check your printer device, get some supplies (Printing Paper & Inks), and print the file.
  7. Card-stock paper is one of, if not, the best kind of printing paper on the market.
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