Paw Patrol Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

Since its initial release, you can easily judge how popular PAW Patrol series are, and gained so much love from people around the world. I still remember how it goes, back in 2013, at that time, my son was 3 years old and I’d spent almost two hours accompanied him to watch PAW Patrol, and you could see it, how much he enjoyed and loved this cartoon movie is.

In relation to that, I have got an idea to make another PAW Patrol invitation card, to give another fresh rendition for that. So, as we can see, (See below), you will get six cute PAW Patrol themed invitation card, in which you can customize it to whatever you want, because despite it’s free, it’s editable, and you can do that just by using a simple, Microsoft Word.


I’m pretty sure that you haven’t stumbled upon something like these before. This template has classic, “Blackboard” kind of design, which means, the design will be replicating the looks of “Drawing” on classic Blackboard. You can see that through the “Font-styles” that I used on this template, and it also has 2 different font-styles, the Basic Bold style and Hollowed version. As it’s editable with Microsoft Word, you can easily adjust and customize it into whatever you want, maybe changing the color and so forth.

In addition, you also got a couple of other things, such as cute illustrations of PAW Patrol’s characters, like the fearless Ryder, the cockapoo who serves as Aviator (Skye) and so on. Which one is your favorite? Please, tell me through the comment box in down below. By the way, read the download instructions at the end of this article, if you don’t know how to do it.








How to Download:

  • In above this instructions, there is a download button, click that, and wait for a moment.
  • Your browser will be opening a new tab and directing you to Google Drive Page, then click the “red” download button.
  • Locate the destination folder and tap “Enter” or click “Save”.

Printing Materials

  • There are many types out there, in which, I, personally have been using card-stock paper for so long, it has good durability, premium feels, and bunch of other things that other’s won’t.
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