Hello Kitty Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

Hi guys! I’m back again with new design yo. This template was inspired from the timeless, an adorable character, yup! It is Hello Kitty themed invitation card. I think, this “concept” would be the perfect concept for your kid/baby’s upcoming birthday. Do you want to see it, right? Okay, see these one…


FYI to support all the current condition, you might have thinking on doing sort of a Drive by party, right? Or just in case you haven’t heard it, why not try out this drive-by party idea? Right? All the participants just need to deck out their car with a simple decoration, it will cost at maximum of $5 or less, and “drive-by” to your house. What a genius idea, isn’t it? Absolutely. I got a pretty genius idea, by the way, what if you use today’s design as your invitation card? No-additional fee, everything is free.

Let’s back to the main “spotlight”, this following templates were decorated with such beautiful illustration of Hello Kitty, a famous fictional character that is originated from Japan. By using this cute invitation, you will get a tons of Hello Kitty, as its background, and decorations. It makes them looks even better tho, what a perfect way to captivate all of your guests.


In addition, you will also get a dazzling Gold color on its “text-frame” design, and some of them also has a minor decoration. As additional information, starting out from last week, I’ve provided six different designs with handy new feature, it has Docx file-format (Editable with Ms word), which you can easily customize it whatever you want, by using Microsoft Word. It’s not that hard tho.






Download? (Click the above link and then click the “Red” download button)

Printing Tips

Before you go buy a bunch of stuff from the store, it would be better if you find a little information about which paper is suitable with your need as well as your current budget. Let me give you names for that, here they are:

  1. Card-stock Paper: (+) Good durability, (-) Relatively Expensive << My recommendation
  2. Kraft Paper: (+) Cheap, (-) Doesn’t absorb ink well
  3. Linen Paper: (+) Good for Classic, Elegant, or Luxury Finish (-) become crumpled by the slightest bend
  4. Cotton Paper (+) Richer Color options, (-) Hard to find (Must be at Stationery Shop)
  5. Etc.
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