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Do you feel the hype of 2020’s best party concepts? Or maybe your daughter might have asked it to you? If you have the same feeling like what I did, then this strange phenomenon will confuse us even more. In these day, deciding the party concept/them is major role to see how awesome your party is going to be, and especially your future-party-invitation, this one is surely need to be dressed as stunning as possible. To catch everyone’s attention, right? Yeah.

Anyway, most of us knew that, It may seems weird, but it’s completely normal, and you may have same thought right? Ha-ha, sometime you’ll need to follow the flow of the trend when you can’t make any trend :D.

Let me show you an example, a perfect kit to start your party, this party invitation is already come in Printable Format (JPG File), so it doesn’t require any extra work just to be able to use them. Pristine White Background, Floral painting, and beautiful looking Text-Frame were ready to catch everyone’s attention for you. Besides that, each of the invitation will be adorned with different stuff, both unique and stunning, for sure.




Throw an unstoppable craze party and invite all your guests to come at your glittery birthday party! You can lit your party even more by matching your whole decoration with our invitation colors. You can get some supplies like Gold linen/fabric curtain, gold balloons, chrome birthday party hat and another dazzling and glittery thingies.





Best Printing Paper?

For me, I’d like to use card-stock paper over the other one, it’s relatively expensive than the rest of candidate but definitely great for any occasion, both formal or informal. It normally cost at $20 for 100/pcs, and compared to Custom-Printed at $4 – $10/piece, it would be far cheaper, right? Absolutely.


How To Download

  1. Choose your favorite design
  2. Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a second
  3. Then Right click once again – Choose “Save Image As”
  4. Locate your default download folder
  5. Tap “Enter” on your keyboard to start the download process


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