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Themed parties are popping up everywhere these days, especially Under the Sea, this one is also of the most popular party theme lately. So, if you’re thinking about throwing your own, and you’re looking for some inspiration regarding to one of popular party theme, then go for under the sea party ideas. We’ve gathered and designed a bunch of options for color and images to decorate your party invitation card.

I created this design with the help of friend of mine, she gave me an idea how “under the sea” invitation card will look like. Luckily, her little guy turned 6 last month and she chose under the sea party, so she can helps me a lot. Well, after a couple of hours this template finally finished, and as you can see this – this design offers a simple decoration with beautiful sea creatures, such as cute drawing of Whale, Snail, Sea Horse, Jellyfish and all of them was drew in watercolor finished.



Beeshower’s Tips

In addition, you can make this invitation even better by matching all the decoration with our Under the Sea’s color palette. Here is a few thing that you could do at your in-house party,

  1. Foods (Prepare clear glass vases or cups and add this following snacks)
    • Rock Candy Coral.
    • Sea creature candy pops.
    • Jelly fish Oreo balls.
    • Crab and Octopus cupcakes.
  2. Drinks
    • Ocean blue punch (Lemonade and Blue Soda).
    • Jelly Boat (Blue Jelly + a slice of Orange + sail from paper & toothpick).
    • Infused Water (Tumblr Bottle + some fruits).
  3. Decoration
    • Don’t miss DIY paper lantern fish and jelly fish decorations.
    • Balloons and streamers.
    • Use shades of green streamers and tape them to your walls (Seaweed).





Our invitation card template comes in printable format, so you can handle it at your home using a simple app like Microsoft Word or Paint and after that you can get some supplies at stationery shop, and it’s far cheaper than paying someone to design your invitation. The perfect time to send out your invites is 5 weeks before the due-date of your baby. So you need to arrange it carefully.

How To Download

  1. Choose your favorite
  2. Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a second
  3. Then Right click once again – Choose “Save Image As”
  4. Locate your default download folder and tap “Enter”


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