(FREE Printable) – Summer Pool Birthday Party Invitation Templates

A Perfect guide to help you throw an epic summer-vibe party

There’s nothing better than having a pool party with your close friends, and you could add bunch of fun things to makes it even better. A lot of my fellow mates as well as neighbors tend to host their party with “Pool” themed party rather than throwing a simple Backyard BBQ party. By the way, fill your mind up with plenty of summer-worthy pool party ideas by checking out our roundup, folks.

You’ll find all the party supplies you’ll need, from ideas for pool party invitations to clever party food as well as decorating tips. Are you ready to surprise your guests? and see how they will react your party invitation? Let’s get started.

For any parties, you certainly need a good first impression, doesn’t it? Of course. As shown below, you are about to see one of the fresh-looking invitation that you may have ever seen. First of all, I’ve drew a perfect display (For me, lol 😂) of water-splash using brush tools and other tools in Adobe Photoshop app, if you noticed them, 2 out of 6 template will also come with different style.

In addition, I also designed a super-cool font on POOL logo as well as cute drawing of swimming pool to highlight your upcoming summer-vibe party, even if this one is your kid’s birthday party – their friends will be very happy to see and spent all their time together, to eat delicious dishes and playing bunch of pool party games.







Beeshower’s Tips 🍓

A. Decoration 🔨

Thoughtful decor will ensure the wow factor for your pool party. Here are a few examples that you can listed them on your note.

  • Place a few large floats or other inflatable pool stuff (Swans and Flamingos) to lure everyone to jump and enjoy the party while floating on water.
  • Beach balls.
  • Jellyfish Lanterns
  • Small to medium rafts.
  • Cooler for drinks
  • Etc.

B. Food Ideas 🍕

  • Drinks: Cocktail, Bear on the beach Jell-O, Pool Water Punch, Popsicle, etc.
  • Foods: Donuts, Fruit, Cupcake, Salad, Candy, and so on.

C. Activities 🏀

  • “Water Balloon Piñata”. Hang overfilled water balloons (3 or 4) and the participant will take turns and swing a plastic baseball bat and see how many they can burst the balloon and get the candy inside it.


Follow this guide below to download our template

  • Choose your favorite design.
  • Right Click the template – Select “Save Image As”.
  • Locate the download folder and Tap “Enter” to start the download process.
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