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“Friendship is magic” from season 9 is my daughter’s favorite season of My Little Pony so far. You know what? Almost every weekend, my daughter invites her best friends to sleepover + watches My Little Pony films and even she has prepared lots of sweets and popcorn to make sure that she doesn’t need to go out her room. I feel like being ignored by her in every weekend, Ha-ha. Last spring, one of her gang’s member will have a birthday next week, and my daughter & her friends try to convince me to create a lovely invitation card – so they can give a little surprise to the birthday girl.

They are so excited to make the whole concept with their favorite My Little Pony characters. That being said, I decided to help them to create adorable template that all Bronies and Pegasisters will be falling love. Actually, we really had fun in designing the template, you can see this template design below folks! Go check them all and give me your opinion about ‘em.




What do you think about our “Little Pony”-inspired party invitation? It looks super-awesome right? Of course, dudes! This template is going to be really fun and as you have noticed it, those bling-bling stars, colorful rainbow shape will get along with blueish colored background to power packed your Little Pony party. Besides that, you also get another cute stuffs such as, the Twilight Sparkles, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and so on – and all of them will be standing next to each other to resemble your little daughter friendship with her best mates.

Wording Tips

Our Little Pony


Is Turning 6th!

Gallop On Over and

Celebrate With A Magical Pony Party!

Saturday, March 28th | 4:00 PM

At Jennie’s House

123 Pink Castle

RSVP to Mommy

At 123-4567





How To Download

  1. Choose your favorite design
  2. Right Click your selected templates – Choose “Save Image As”
  3. Locate your default download folder and tap “Enter”
  4. To open and edit the template – you will need to open them using Microsoft Word or Paint.
  5. The universal format of the paper size is 7×5 (Portrait) and I suggest you to pick card-stock paper as the printing material.
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