Free Printable Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Invitation

We are Peter Rabbit fans! And here’s Peter Rabbit free Baby Shower invitation. This invitation is a great way to get your baby shower guests in the mood for a garden party! This delightful invitation is perfect! It’s free and you can save your money for another things 🙂

Simply download the invitation below and start filling your baby shower with your party details. Just fill the form inside the invitation with a pen or marker. If you’re fortunate, you can use Gimp, Coreldraw or Photoshop to edit this peter rabbit baby shower invitation. This Invitation comes in JPEG format and measures 4×6″ or 5×7″, you can resize it using image resizer software. It comes with good HD quality image.

How to Download?
Click on the image, and save image as. Customize it by filling the name, time, date and location. When it’s done, you’re ready to send it to print.

What’s the best paper for this invitation ?
There’s nothing better than cardstock paper. You can buy it on Amazon or your nearest store.

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