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Hi guys! Today, I’m gonna tell you something, a cute story that related to today’s design, back in 2018, by the way. At that time, I recently had arrived from taking my little boy to school, and not long after, one my childhood friend called me and asked me blah..blah..blaah. And two days later, we met up at a local bar in the downtown, and after a bunch of talking, she shared her problem about hosting a baby shower party for her older sister.

Luckily, I still can’t clearly remember why we decided to nailed the design (Like in below), but one thing that I still remember it as if it was happened yesterday, Yup! I started to grab my old laptop and doing the sketches with her, like drawing the Golden Text-Frame, where we put all the party information. Besides that, I also made some or a few sketches of beautiful Green Fern leaves to fill the layer tho, to make sure the design would be as eye-catchy as possible.

Anyway, the final result of that day was here, folks, but of course – I did some modification and add some knick-knacks on it, like decorating the main layer/background with gorgeous White Marble texture, to give both you and your guests the elegant vibe tho. Today’s design, and all collection in our site was free, and you could do bunch of things on it, feel free folks! It has JPG-file format, so it would be easy for you to customize them.







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