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Finding a good design for your invitation cards isn’t that easy, doesn’t it? Of course, back then, when I was still in college, I couldn’t easily find a good inspiration for my design. Even I did learn all of them by myself through the internet, and I created my own design, too. That’s normal, and you could do it the same as mine was. Another way that you could possibly do is finding a good layout design template and customizing it to suit your needs and taste. Like the one that we are always provided to.

It sounds so damn easy, right? Absolutely yes! Use our design for free, instead of paying someone to create custom-printed cards, and I think that was a bit of expensive, guys. Anyway, in this page, you are about to see one of my favorite design, Yup! The Gold Rhombus.

This template was inspired from Painting decoration (Wall Art) on my wall, and I decided to go with those one as today’s design material. What are you gonna tell for this one? It looks great, doesn’t it?. Unlike others, this template is decorated with beautiful and colorful hand-painting background, along with dazzling lines and frames. Those gorgeous lines are perfectly fit for this 2020’s demand, we used to call it as Geometrical Lines, but I want to make it a bit different than the rest, that’s why its shaped Rhombus.



Every templates in this site are free personal use and you could personalize it into whatever you wanted to. You can customize this template, then print them on a piece of Card-stock paper, and Whoops! Your job is done with ease.

There are many templates in our site, you can match it with your personal preference, and you can get it for completely free. Make sure to search another Invitation card Templates by clicking our “Invitation” Tab on the upper section or by clicking this link, here.





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To download these adorable yet stunning templates, click on each one of soon-to-be your invitation card, hang on a second, a new page will appear soon, the next step is click your right mouse button and tap on “save image as” and decide where the template file will be saved in your device.

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