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Are you ready to create your own invitation? Alright, but before we see and learn how to use this stunning template, I need your attention to read the whole article. At the end of the article, you are going to get a bunch of useful tips tho, Fun Activities or Games for your next party, so don’t miss it.

Let’s back to the main topic, guys. This following template is a greatly fit for any kind of party, even for Momentous party such as Wedding, or revealing Gender of the Baby to your friends and family member, as well as inviting your gang to join Backyard BBQ party. It would definitely be a great start for us, to nail an awesome party.

For the structures, this lovely template is consisting of many beautiful stuffs, and one of them is Floral Painting, a nice setup to enhance how it looks, and get better first impression. Besides that, as we can see, there is six different template design, all of them have their own unique design, From Geometric Style Text-Frame with Pristine White background, to Hexagon shaped Text-Frame with stunning Eucalyptus painting. Take your time, choose your favorite design and start to add your magic to it.







This template is already come with Printable Format (JPG File), so you don’t need another work just to convert them. All you need to do is, open the file on third-party app for editing, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or even Microsoft Word & Paint (Only available in Windows), if you haven’t had enough experience in editing. After that, you can get some supplies at Stationery shop, like Printing Paper, Inks, Envelope, and so on.


2 Fun & Simple Games for Party

This is what you’ve been waiting for! Go check them out!

1. Never Have I Ever

Sit in a circle. Begin with one person saying, “Never have I ever…” and finishing with something they have never done. If someone has done it, they must hold up one finger; if no one in the group has done it, the person saying “Never have I ever…” must hold up a finger. The person has three fingers up: They’re out.

2. Camera Hot Potato

Pick a phone and pass them around the group. Set the device with 10 seconds timer and use regular photo mode, not selfie mode. Pass the phone around, with each person holding the phone up for a moment, posing for the camera. Pass until the photo is taken, then repeat. At the end, take a look at the (probably undignified) photos.

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