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Hi what’s up Peeps! Are you ready for another fun story?  Well, I’m gonna share you a fun story. A little while ago, my neighbor pays me a visit at night while hands me a delicious pizza 😋, anyway she asked me to do a little favor tho. Yeah, you already know it – she wanted to design an invitation card for her kid’s upcoming birthday. So, first thing first – I need to list what to include in her invitations – here comes the list: 1. Using bright colors and 2. Putting Fancy Flower and Disney Princess

So, the first thing I did is making the sketch with “Colorful” as its core, I decided to go for a landscape invitation card and filled the layer with baby blue color. After that, I added other details like magnificent roses with watercolor finished, the iconic Disney’s Castle & princesses as well as a blank space to put your party details on it. Anyway, the due date was coming near in that time, and luckily, I could finish them in three days – so I can see her reaction after seeing my invitation card design, and you know what? Wow – She’s very happy with the design and can’t take her eyes on the design though!



You see it right? What do you think about it? It looks so beautiful, doesn’t it? Definitely. You can match your party decoration with these color scheme. You can try to make a bundle of cupcake topper and party hat from card-stock paper, there is a bunch of colors that you can easily get it at stationery shop.




I’m very happy with result, and those are the reason why I want to present it to you folks! Get them all for free and bring your dream party comes true! These template design, I proudly named it as “Floral Disney Princess” template and you can take a look at these following instructions, if you want to keep it as yours. Here they are:

  • Select your template
  • Left-click your selected template, and wait for a second
  • A new page will be popped up – then Right-Click the image/template
  • Choose “save image as” and tap “Enter” on your keyboard.
  • And now the downloading process will begin shortly

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