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In this chilly winter, I’m gonna tell you something and this one is happened to my neighbor mates. So, here what it goes, one of my neighbor – Stacy, asked me on how to craft my own party invitation, and I answered her question with bla-bla-bla. I offered her a hand to figure out the design of her incoming party invitation, because I knew that we can’t do well and think clearly if we almost runs out of time to catch the deadline.

Her kid is hella crazy with his favorite Tractor toys, and I still clearly remember when I visited Stacy’s house, I could see how obsessed her kid was with Tractor and other construction site toys. So, we’ve agreed to brings one of the most loved Tractor Boy party in Town to life and one of next goal is minimizing the production cost tho. You are about to see ‘em guys! Are you ready to see our creation? Well, hope you enjoyed the design below.



They looks super-cool, doesn’t it? Right, these invitations will work perfectly fit to your party, your next party will get tractor-ified! As you have noticed them in above, we made this template on a wooden texture background to get along with our theme. Then, we decorated the layer with two shapes, one for placing your kid’s Photo, and the other one is for your party detail. Underneath each shape/box, I also drew a cute and vintage tractor like the one you have seen it so many times if you went to village or passing a large rice/wheat field. In addition, this template also has both landscape and portrait orientation.



Here at Beeshower, we have everything you need to craft your own invitation. All of our templates will comes in Printable Format (JPG), so you can single handed them at home, using your own printer and print them out on cardstock papers or others.  So, before you started editing our template, it could be better if you browse some information on internet about “Printing Material” and get ready to grab some supplies you need at nearby stationery shop.





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