FREE Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitation Templates

You can use it as Birthday Templates too! :)

Who can make a design for the birthday celebration with the theme of Minnie mouse? Well, actually, you do not need to design the invitations. Let’s enjoy our birthday invitations which are available. These are all the pages for the birthday ceremony of Minnie Mouse. Let’s function it and get a festival done!

Some of the phrases can be used in Minnie Mouse Invitation:

“Hannah is turning 3! Let’s meet with her sometimes!”

“Put on your ears’ it’s time for cheers! (Name) is turning 2! Come and Join us to celebrate with some Minnie Mouse Fun!”

Yep, the original size is 5×7” inches. Meanwhile, you need to use the Photoshop which can still resize the invitation. For several people, the size is not as important as you think. The design is more crucial to make the guest interested. Use your ability to modify it. You can print it as you like with the assistance of the photo software.






The phrases printed on the invitations are always placed on the center of the image so that you have to type the phrases as you like. The design is excellent with Minnie images.

You need to publish it with several documents that we choose for you such as lines, graphics and jasmine, after you have finished printing. Because these three documents have the high quality of ink absorption, the outcome will be in good shape as well. Your mates and relatives may receive the best invitations. The good invitations make a good assumption about your event.

It is simple to download Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations, just right click to save. It’s nice for you, meanwhile, to have a file with invitations from our website.  Place it on the folder. You just have to look on your PC whenever you want it.

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