Free Greenery Geometric Baby Shower Invitation Templates For Word

This article will tell you my own experience, one of the reason why I started to create invitation card design and provide it to you for free. This story was set on my 2nd wedding anniversary, at that time, my eldest son still one years old and you know how hectic it was.

My husband was on business trip to other city, and me was the only one who’s at home. I did all the stuffs, from beginning until my husband helps me two days later. We bought custom invitation card from some local printing depot, and it turned out to be disaster! It was set to be finished one week prior to the date of the event, but at the end, it never happened.


For that reason, I still can’t put my trust to custom printing shop again. Well, my hobbies were designing something, so why don’t I create it for my own? You can also do that pals. If you’re beginner, you can use this following invitation card templates to help you create your first invitation card.

This template has kind of Summer vibe on it, it has the typical “Tropical” designs, such as gorgeous green eucalyptus Leaves. Those eucalyptus will decorate the stunning Gold Geometric pattern, and it’s going to form a unique Text-Frame/Text-Box, where all the detailed information will be placed.








On its back, you will get classy rustic paper style. It will remind you the classic 40’s-60’s party. If you think it is clearly not your style, you can replace it though. Our template allows you to do it, because it’s editable with Ms. Word, so it will be much easier for you to customize.

To-do’s Lists

  • Find some information about the material in advance would better, such as which printing paper is the best for you and so forth.
  • For me, personally, I’d suggest you to print the template/file on 5×7 card-stock paper. You will know it once you find the information on Internet.
  • Now, this one is what I meant in above, the purpose is to not open the file again. open the Microsoft Word app, and go to File > Print or use this shortcuts, press Ctrl + P.
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