Festive Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

Hello, everyone! Would you mind if I tell you my story? This story was happened a couple years back. Actually, I was on short trip with all my entire family to visit my parent’s house. It was Sunday (If I’m not mistaken), my niece was waiting her birthday, which should be happened on Monday (next week), so at that time, I was ready and bring my laptop, just in case if everyone is asking me to make invitation card design.


I think my sense just got better and better, because what’s in mind was true. My sister asked me to help her to create her daughter’s 3rd birthday party invitation card. Since both my sister and her daughter love to play around and sitting at park, watching flowers and so forth. I decided to give my nephew a beautiful Festive floral birthday invitation card. So? Today’s design will have that as inspiration and I turned it into fresh, and better rendition. Here they are,

Six colorful and beautiful invitation card designs. Not just one, but you will have six different options, and all of them are editable with Ms. Word. What could be better than this one? Surely. Despite each cards have portrait orientation design, you will also get custom flower text box, yup! Your party information will be displayed inside white text box (look at the center of the card), and right below it, it will be decorated with stunning, watercolor flowers which I’ve gathered and turned it into custom flower wreath.








Download Instructions

If you’re new to this site, please carefully read and follow this guides, so you can begin the editing process as soon as possible.

  1. All files were stored safely from any virus in our Google drive storage.
  2. To get access into G-drive download page, click the download button above this guide.
  3. Wait for a while, because your browser will open a new tab and direct you to G-drive page.
  4. Click another download button in there, then tap Enter to start.
  5. “Extra”: open/extract the file with any Rar file opener and go to Fonts folder and install every fonts in there.
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